Monday, 31 July 2017

B.A.P - Rose

(Ni Hao)

This week's K-pop Monday is the return of B.A.P and their latest comeback, Rose is B.A.P's 6th single album and first comeback of 2017.
On the 9th of February 2017 a teaser was released titled From Noir, with fans speculating whether this would be a comeback and if leader Bang Yongguk would be back to promote.
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On the 27th of February Wake Me Up was revealed to be their title track as the Wake Me Up M/V Trailer 1 was released.
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On the 2nd of March the Wake Me Up M/V Trailer 2 was released, revealing that leader Bang Yongguk was back.
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On the 7th of March B.A.P's single album Rose was released both digitally and physically along with the release of their M/V for Wake Me Up.
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Along with it's lyrics the M/V for Wake Me Up touched on different forms of mental illness' such as depression, anxiety and eating disorders, even though there are still large stigma's around mental illness in South Korea as well as around the world, with a leader, brother and member that is personally going through it, B.A.P changed their title track to Wake Me Up to clearly put the spotlight on these illness' to help people that were going through this themselves.
Wake Me Up was recognised by Billboard's Jeff Benjamin as K-pop's Act Most Personal & Accomplished Single yet, shorty after it's release. B.A.P's comeback with Wake Me Up and Rose was most notable with fans as it marked the return of leader Bang Yongguk after his 4 month hiatus after announcing he himself had been diagnosed with an anxiety disorder.

Bang Yongguk helped to co-write all 3 tracks on the single album, with Zelo participating on title track Wake Me Up.
Rose peaked at No.3 on the Gaon Albums Chart and peaked at No.8 on the Gaon Monthly Albums Chart for the month of March.
Gaon Sales:
Through TS Entertainment's official YouTube channel the Wake Me Up M/V has gained 1,896,238 million views so far and through 1theK's official YouTube channel the Wake Me Up M/V has gained 4,433,503 million views, giving the M/V a total of 6,329,741 million views so far.

Rose was released in 2 versions an A version and a B version, with both versions being set out in a book style case with the Cd being stored in an envelope at the book of the booklet. Both version have different covers as well as the first half of the booklets being different pictures of the members and the second half of the booklets being the same pictures, the Cd design for both version are also the same.

Track List:
Wake Me Up
Diamond 4 Ya




I have both versions of the album with one of them being signed by all 6 members of B.A.P, the pictures in both versions are amazing and really give the feel of the concept they were wanting to reveal and show. Even though there are only 3 tracks on this single album, all 3 tracks are amazing and all really different, one thing I've learnt being a B.A.P fan is that they are such a versatile group and no matter the message they want to send they give it their all to make sure it gets across. I personally think they took a big risk with this comeback to put the light on a topic that many people still find it hard to admit and seek help, something that B.A.P and Babyz know too well with TS Entertainment announcing Bang Yongguk's own health issues.


Diamond 4 Ya

Wake Me Up
By Mwave

B.A.P never fail to release a meaningful album that always has a different message, just from Rose you can hear that they can pull off any genre and I can't wait to be able to witness my next comeback with B.A.P.

Were you happy to see Bang Yongguk return?
What did you think to their concept?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!


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