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Hi, I'm Leann
Welcome to my blog;
Manga and Anime Maniac 

Welcome to the page that is all about me, so where shall I start?
I started off this blog mainly because of my love of manga and anime but after a long hiatus I came back with a vengeance with new interests. This is the world I say I live in; I'm a Manga, Anime, K-pop, Asian Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle blogger with a love of cooking and baking, you could say I blog about everything. My main goal is to share my love of K-pop something that is popular worldwide but you don't see or hear much of in my little corner of the world.

I'm a slightly obsessed Asian fanatic (you may have guessed that already) and my interests have started rubbing off on my daughter who chooses to watch Studio Ghibli movies subbed rather than dubbed. My personal style? hmmm what can I say about that I used to be a girl that lived for skinny jeans and a Kawaii top but now every opportunity I get I'm in dresses and skirts, I don't think I follow a fashion trend if it's cute on and looks good together then I wear it, what's the point in following a herd when you can be an individual. I'm a shy kind of girl when I first meet people but quickly warm up, I'm starting to learn that I shouldn't hide what interests me and excites me as it makes me the crazy and individual person that I am.

I work part time as a Sales Assistant and the rest of the time I'm mum and blogger, my favourite animal is a panda and would love to go to China some day to see some panda's, my main holiday destinations I'd love to visit are:
South Korea
which leads me onto the next part I'm in the process of learning three of the hardest languages:
Mandarin Chinese
I've started with Japanese as I've found it easier to follow the lyrics to songs based on how some of the symbols are pronounced.

Feel free to say hello or to leave a comment on any of my blog posts, you have no idea how much they are appreciated and make it all worth while.
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