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MISHIBOX: December Unboxing & Review

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Lets get started on the goodies from December's MISHIBOX.

 First up we have a NO:HJ GYEOL (TEXTURE) MUD MASK, this mask uses Eco-friendly materials and the best mud and natural ingredients. The Gyeol sheet is designed to adhere to your face and recharge the nutrients in the skin while wiping away effects of stress, exhaustion or irritation. This mask is available in 4 different types which all have different benefits; Green Tea Mud which is Anti-Pore Texture, Tea tree Mud which is calming, Aloe Mud which is moisturising and Cucumber Mud which is for Luster.
How To Use - After cleansing and applying toner, unfold the mask and adjust comfortably to your face. Relax for 15 minutes. When finished, remove the mask and pat down the extra essence.
 We were sent 1 of the 4 masks at random and I got the Aloe Mud Mask, after using this mask my skin was left feeling soft, supple and moisturised. I didn't feel as tired either after having 15 minutes laid back relaxing while the mask did it's job. This mask was a good fit for my face as I didn't have that many creases once I'd applied it.
Retail Price: $2/£1.60
Rate: 5/5

 Next we have a SKIN WATCHERS GREEN SNAIL INTENSIVE CREAM, it's said that this snail cream moisturises and calms the skin, leaving it feeling supple and smooth without stickiness. It minimises fine lines and wrinkles, and helps restore your skin's natural balance over time. It's free of colourants, alcohol, paraben, paraffin, talc, pheynoxyethanol, benzopheone/mineral oil. It's great for sensitive skin.
How To Use - Squeeze out a small amount and spread gently over your entire face after toner and/or essence step.
 I absolutely LOVE this cream, I apply it on a night time after cleansing and toning, and my skin felt smooth and supple, it smells really nice and i like that the cream feels thick, which is why I apply it on a night. My skin can sometimes feel sore and irritated after I've removed my make up and since I've been using this cream it's helped with the irritation and calmed any soreness that i felt. I would highly recommend this cream to anyone and everyone, people tend to look at me strange when I say I'm using products that contain snail mucus etc but I don't think they realise how good it is for the skin when it comes to helping the skin look and feel younger, brighter and supple.
Retail Price: $25/£17.95
Rate 5/5

Next we have a HEIMISH 5-COLOUR LIP PALETTE, the info card says jazz up your look using 1 of 5 moisturising lip colours. Colour apples smooth and creamy for a subtle "no more normal" look! The colours are: MRCR01 - Working Day, MRCR02 - Lovely Day, RGBE01 - Morning Calm, RGOR01 - Morning Glow and RGRD01 - All Night.
How To Use - Apply to the lips with your fingers or a lip brush, layering for more intensive colour. Re-apply as needed.

I'm always happy for more lip products as when I have my normal everyday make up on I like to apply something to my lips too. I want to invest in some lip brushes to try and intensify the colour but I love the application of it from just using my finger. I applied the RGRD01 - All Night as I like deep red colours and to say it wasn't full on classic red when I applied it I loved that it gave my lips a natural look that is seen a lot on female K-pop idols. It was smooth to apply and left my lips feeling smooth and creamy without them feeling sticky. I'm not really sure on durability as I didn't really check on it while I was out but when I removed it at the end of the night there was still some on my cotton pad. If you're just starting out applying lip colours then I'd recommend this palette  as you have 5 neutral choices and it's also a tester palette so if 1 colour doesn't work for you 1 of the others might.
Retail Price: $5/£3.59
Rate 5/5

Next we got brand at random between BAVIPHAT BABY CHEEK CREAM BLUSHER and URBAN DOLLKISS ALMIGHTY COLOUR BALM, as you can see I got the colour balm. For the colour balm it says that this petite multi-functional colour balm can enhance your eyes, lips, cheeks or any part of the face that needs a splash of colour. It comes in a powder silk texture that goes on easy and feels weightless to wear. It's available in white and pink.
How To Use - Apply a small amount using a finger or a soft brush to desired area. Layer to intensify the colour.
 As you can see I got the pink balm, I've only used it on my lips at the moment but I can't wait to try it as a blusher as I've only ever used powder blushers, so I'm looking forward to seeing how it applies and looks compared to my usual blusher. I love the colour when applied and it's perfect for during the day, I love that it glistens in the light making it look like you have a gloss on your lips. Durability isn't as good but it's light enough that you can't really tell that it needs reapplying.
Retail Price: $8/£5.75
Rate 5/5

Lastly we got a PRELAB SKIN ENERGY AMPOULE MASK, the info card says that this bottle is full of energy and nutrients soaked into an ampoule mask to quench your skin's thirst. There are 4 different masks with each showcasing different benefits, Aqua Energy will moisturise and refresh, Soothing Energy will soothe and calm, Wrinkle will rejuvenate and regenerate and White will brighten and improve your skin's glow.
How To Use - Unfold the mask and adjust to your face after cleansing. Relax for 10-20 minutes before removing. Pat in any excess essence on your face and neck as desired.
Personally for me this mask was soaked too much with the ingredients and I had to sit with a towel round me to catch any of the liquid that was dripping off the mask. I think also because the mask was soaking it made the mask a little heavy meaning it wouldn't stay in place and kept sliding down. The mask was still pretty drenched after leaving it on for the full 20 minutes. My skin did look and feel better after using the mask but there was also an obscene amount of essence left on my skin meaning I needed to use a towel to dab at the remaining essence. I think these masks could be better for someone that suffers with dry skin as the extra essence may help with that but personally for me it's not on my list of MISHIBOX products that I would like to purchase.
Retail Price: $4/£3.17
Rate 3/5

As a special treat we also received 1 of the 6 pictured bracelets as a gift from MISHIBOX for supporting them through the year, which personally for me was like a little anniversary gift from them for being with them for a year. The bracelets are really pretty and thankfully for me mine fits my wrist perfectly.

Now it's time to get down to the business side of the MISHIBOX, it seems that they no longer off different subscription offers as the only one available now on the website is the monthly recurring subscription which is $19.95/£16.33 a month, this does not include the shipping fee which for the UK is $5.95. I pay £20 a month including shipping for my box and I'm sure you can see from the products you get it's really worth the investment even with the extra charges for the box from my bank it's still a worthwhile subscription. You really get more than your moneys worth from the box, these boxes are extremely popular and sell out really fast so if you interested I would suggest being quick to avoid disappoint.

If you have liked what you have seen in this post then head to the MISHIBOX website, and possibly sign up for their amazing subscription box, it's even great as a Christmas gift for a beauty enthusiast.

Well this box was my first year anniversary as a subscriber with MISHIBOX and I think it's safe to say that I have never once been disappointed with any of the boxes I have received, it's very rare that I get an item that I don't rate 5/5 as they obviously carefully select which products they want as part of their subscription boxes. MISHIBOX is definitely a beauty subscription that I would recommend to anyone that's interested in skincare and even beauty in general

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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