Tuesday, 19 July 2016

What I Got For My Birthday!

An nyeoung
Ni hao

Sorry this post was severely postponed. So on Sunday the 13th of March I turned 28 and it was such an amazing and fun day. I got to spend it with some amazing friends even if I only saw Nichola for a split second as she was on her way to work, first I'm going to share my presents with you and then share with you an amazing cinema experience.

I'm going to start with the gorgeous glasses I got from besties Liv and Dan, you can't really tell in the pictures but they have a gorgeous pattern on them - I love the hearts on them. I love the wine style glasses and have even suggested that we could use them also for sundae's. I love using these glasses.

I also got these gorgeous plaque style tags from Liv and Dan and to be honest each of the sayings on them ring true for me, there's nothing better than when your feeling low about anything or feeling insecure within yourself friends can make you feel better. I've made a few homemade gifts for friends that have made me feel prouder than any bought gift, plus baked goods always bring happiness. Anyone that says that the best things aren't free obviously don't have the best things within their life, money doesn't make friends that would do anything to help you when you need it.

Next up we have the stunning gifts I got from besties Becky, Dave and little man James, I don't know about anyone else but when I opened this I got an oriental feeling from all 3 of them.

I'm wanting to have the fan open and sitting somewhere that everyone can see how pretty it looks, plus as we get closer to the summer it's going to come in handy for cooling myself down.

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the travel cup and it's already been in use, it's really pretty and is designed like my Cath Kidston bag (just a different colour), not many people know but I do sometimes like to be girly and I feel it when using this.

My favourite from this present has to be the handmade notebook, this notebook deserves a really pretty pen if I'm to write in it, I want to write in it but I don't at the same time cos it's really pretty and I don't want to ruin it with my often messy writing but I really should do what it says and write in it my hopes and dreams.

Next we have the presents from my work bestie Vikki, we may not always get to see one another at work but she still knows my sane and crazy obsessions.

I'm not going to lie I had to ask Andrew what this was as I had no idea, all I knew was that it was Jack skellington, now I know it's a bookmark and this is the first time I've seen a bookmark like this and is now proudly saving my page in the current book I'm reading.

I love this ornament it's extremely cute and it will be taking pride sitting on show when I find somewhere to place it so everyone can see it.

Next we have the presents from my sister, brother-in-law and nephews, these presents yelled to the inner child within me (she comes out now and again).

I love marshmallows so what better thing to be able to eat then a cute stack of marshmallow animals ready for easter, I've not eaten it yet but I can't see it lasting much longer.

Jelly beans are the best and can't get better than orange flavoured jelly beans, I love that they're packaged to look like a carrot.

One thing I focus on now when I have make-up on is my lips, whether it's wearing lipstick, lip gloss or lip butter, you got to take care of the pout and Nivea is one of the brands that I use for taking care of my lips if they get dry plus they have a lip butter that is raspberry.

I got two cups for my birthday the first of which is also from my sister, it's a cute little white cup with a red knitted cosy.

I got some fleecy Pyjamas from Skye that are extremely comfy.

From my mum & dad I got two lots of perfume, both of which smell divine.

We have Ma Vie from Hugo Boss, I love the shade of pink the bottle is, it smells so pretty.

We also have Daisy Dream from Marc Jacobs, I love all the bottle designs for Marc Jacobs perfumes, this one is my favourite of the two, it smells sweet and fruity.

The second of the cups I got from bestie Nichola, Dave, grace and Olivia and it has to be my new favourite mug as it's personal to both me and Nichola with pictures of us both on it, plus it's green - my favourite colour.

From my besties Kate and Sam I got this super cute big bow headband which they can't deny is me, I feel like Minnie Mouse in it, think it's a suitcase essential when I go to Disney in August.

Also from Kate and Sam I got this super cute and adorable suitcase, there's not a section of it that is missed of cuteness, there's even a little girl with a panda head on what could be cuter. As Kate pointed out to me this case will come in handy when I'm stopping out anywhere.

Lastly from Andrew I got some amazing Attack on Titan gifts, also the reason they're not in the main picture is because they arrived after I took the main picture for this post.
I got another Levi figure this time doing what he seems to enjoy doing - cleaning, he's designed like the figma figures I got for Christmas in the way i can change his face and hands.

I also got a key chain set which has each of the 3 military branches: The Survey Corps, The Garrison and the Military Police Brigade and the emblem used for trainees. It also has one of the blades they use for fighting titans and small key for Eren's basement and also a large basement key that can be used for cospay. I'm thinking of using both the Survey Corps key chain and the small key for my keys.

We started my birthday with meeting friends, Kate, Sam, Becky, Dave and little man James at Frankie & Bennies for breakfast, you can't beat and Frankie & Bennies breakfast, then it was back home for some relaxation before heading out again to live the ViP treatment at Cineworld.

The ViP experience has to be one of the best I've had at the cinema for the price of £19 (£29) if you don't own a Cineworld card) you get unlimited soft drinks and snacks when watching the movie and all you can eat buffet.

 I really did feel like a ViP from walking through the doors to leaving the cinema. The food was delicious and I ate way too much popcorn and nachos, I had cheese overload with the nachos. The seats within the cinema were extremely comfortable and we were able to enjoy the film with the legs rest up. I highly recommend going ViP at some point at Cineworld, even if you don't have a Cineworld card you still get so much for your money.

Well that's all for my birthday post.
See you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai Jian

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