Thursday, 6 August 2015

Manga Madness: Attack on Titan

An nyoung 
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This week's Manga Madness is a manga I got into this year Attack on Titan, like most of the manga I get into I watched the anime first.
Set in a post apocalyptic world the series follows Eren Yeager, Mikasa Ackerman and Armin Arlert in their desire to avenge their fallen city, I say their desire it's mainly Eren's desire and Mikasa and Armin follow suit. All three of them train for the military in the hopes of joining one of the three Military groups (The Garrison - They reinforce the walls, protecting all the towns. The Survey Corps - They're prepared to sacrifice their lives outside the walls by defying the Titans in their own domain. The Military Police Brigade - They exercise control over the kings subjects and Keeps order and control(this is seen as the safest group), from a young age Eren has wanted to join the Survey Corps in the desire to take down the Titans and this desire was increased when the wall to their city was breached and Titans invaded the city eating all that lived there. Eren watched his mother being eaten by a titan which pushed him even more in his goal of destroying all the Titans.
Throughout the series you meet new characters and new shocks that keep you reading in the hopes the humans can win against the Titans and finding out all the secrets about how the Titans work.
So far there are 16 volumes for the manga and it's still on going as you can see that I only have 6 volumes and haven't read them all yet. I love how in each volumes there is detailed information on things in the manga like how each titan varies in height etc.

I wish I could talk about this more but with what goes on I don't want to reveal any spoilers and there's so much to explain that this post would be extremely long but just to give a bit of info as of July 52.5 million copies of the manga is in print around the world making the manga a success, I know I've not done this post justice but all I can say is to check it out and follow their journey with me and other AOT fans.
We will defeat the Titans 

See you soon! 

An nyoung 
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