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MONSTA X - The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter{Beautiful}

Ni Hao

We've final got to the final chapter in MONSTA X's The Clan series, well we fans thought we'd got the final chapter but they've just announced their first repackaged album that's released today along with this MONSTA X post, I couldn't have timed this post any better. If you didn't go check out Part. 1 Lost and Part. 2 Guilty.

The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter{Beautiful} is MONSTA X's first full length album and the final part in their The Clan Series. On March 5th 2017 it was announced that MONSTA X would release the final chapter in their The Clan Series and that it would be titled The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter{Beautiful}, from the 7th of March till the 14th of March, Teaser Images were released of the members as well as the track list.








Group Teaser
On the 15th of March The Last Oath was released.
"Sad but beautiful youth, inside the repeating time where the end can't be seen, in the space where it's dangerous & uneasy. We walked together, we fought together, we grew beautifully, in front of the new road. We put everything we had, we swear to protect whatever is next. One, find what we have lost. One, fill our empty heart. One, find the right path and go along that path. One, we will not abandon each other. Become one and protect the X CLAN.
Owned by Starship Entertainment
The next day on the 16th of March the M/V Teaser for their title track Beautiful was released.
Owned by Starship Entertainment
On the 19th of March The 1st Album The Clan Part 2.5 Beautiful Preview was released.
Owned by Starship Entertainment
On the 21st of March The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter{Beautiful} was released both physically and digitally along with the release of the M/V for Beautiful.
Owned by Starship Entertainment
On the 28th of March the Dance Practice Video for Beautiful was released.
Owned by Starship Entertainment
On the 3rd of April a Beautiful Acoustic Version Video was released.
Owned by Starship Entertainment
Finally on the 12th of April a choreography M/V was released for Beautiful.
Owned by Starship Entertainment

Both Jooheon and I.M helped to co-write all 10 tracks on the album, with Jooheon helping to co-compose Miss You.
Wonho for the first time participated on the creation of a MONSTA X album with him co-writing and co-composing on 3 of the tracks on the album (Oi & 넌 어때(I'll Be There)), the 3rd track he co-wrote solely with Jooheon and I.M with the track being called 5:14 (Last Page).

With Beautiful MONSTA X came close to achieving their first music show win with Beautiful ranking in at No.3 on Music Bank, while MONSTA X failed to gain a win, it just gives more fighting spirit for their MonBebe fan base.

The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter{Beautiful} peaked at No.2 on the Gaon Albums Chart, No.38 on the Oricon Albums Chart, No.10 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart and No.1 on the Billboard World Albums Chart, giving them their first Billboard No.1 chart position in America.
Gaon Sales:
Oricon Sales:
Making it their best selling release to date so far.
On the 2nd of June they announced their first repackaged album which is to be titled Shine Forever.

Beautiful M/V through their official channel has gained 12,864,514 million views so far and continues to climb in views. Through 1theK's official YouTube channel the Beautiful M/V has gained 1,003,373 million views so far, giving the Beautiful M/V a total of 13,867,887 million views.
The Beautiful Acoustic Version M/V has gained 1,427,717 million views which in turn caused MONSTA X to promote the acoustic version as well as their original release.

The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter{Beautiful} was released in 3 different versions - Beautiful, which is the main version, Brilliant, which is an M/V making version and Beside, which is a unit version, all 3 versions are completely different, with different pictures, focusing each version. All 3 are set out in a box case, all the cases are a different colour with different designs, when all three versions are connected they spell out Beautiful. All 3 versions have the same layout with each having their own set of postcard photo's, lyric booklet, X Clan Oath (random from 7) and all 3 versions come with 2 photo cards, a normal photo card and a transparent photo card, which are all random, each version has a different set of random photo cards.

Track List:
Ready or Not
아름다워 (Beautiful)
넘사벽 (Incomparable)
니가 필요해 (Need U)
Miss You
Calm Down
너만 생각해 (All I Do)
5:14 (Last Page)
넌 어때 (I'll Be There)

I have 2 of the 3 versions, I have the main version Beautiful and the unit version Beside, I'm wanting to get the Brilliant version too and I will eventually get it but the repackaged album comes first. I love the layout of all the versions, all the colours are really pretty and the pictures are amazing it all connects with the album really well. Guess what MONSTA X didn't disappoint me either, the album from start to finish is amazing, I'm proud to see Wonho's name in the album credits and wouldn't be surprised to see the rest of them members being credited in their future released. I love that they always include heavy beat tracks as well as slower ballad style tracks proving why they made it as part of MONSTA X. One song I always look forward to listening to is 니가 필요해 (Need U) because there is a section of the song sung by Jooheon that I just love and it's my favourite part of the song, I just love how sweet his voice sounds and how he pronounces the English in that section. I really can't recommend this album enough, like other albums that have a repackaged album I'm going to split the tracks between posts so you can hear all the amazing songs, check out some of the tracks from the album below.

넘사벽 (Incomparable)

Miss You

넌 어때 (I'll Be There)
By Mwave

Ready or Not

니가 필요해 (Need U)
Owned by Starship Entertainment

아름다워 (Beautiful)

MONSTA X have announced the European leg of their tour but sadly so far there's no UK shows but MonBebe are still fighting to get one added.

Do you have a favourite track from The Clan Part 2.5: The Final Chapter{Beautiful}?
Which version do you have?
Which version is your favourite?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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