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MISHISBOX: May Unboxing & Review

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I always enjoy sharing these posts and trying out the new products we receive from MISHIBOX, so without keeping anyone waiting lets get stuck straight in.

May's spotlight product comes from Skin Watchers with their UV Success Sunscreen.

 First up we have a PACKAGE EVERYDAY BOUNCY FACIAL MASK, this mask is meant to be used daily to keep your skin moisturised 24/7. It contains Propolis extract, honey extract and galactomyces ferment filtrate to help achieve youthful, smooth and bouncy skin. The mask is formulated with parabens, alcohol, mineral oil, fragrances, silicone, pigments, PEG and phenoxyethanol to help minimise any skin irritation or reactions.
How To Use - After cleanser and toner, place on face for 15-20 minutes. Pat the remaining essence to increase absorption. Use once daily.
Personally for me this isn't one of the best masks I've received from MISHIBOX, it was quite fiddly to pull apart to use but it was pretty easy to apply. The mask was really sticky and for me it didn't have the best of smells but it did leave my skin feeling smooth and moisturised so that is a bonus.
Retail Price: $3/£2.35
Rate 3.5/5

Next we have a TOSOWOONG BLACK-HEAD NOSE PACK, these nose packs use charcoal, volcanic ash and Moroccan lava clay to effectively grab sebum and impurities to reduce the appearance of pores.
How To Use - After cleansing, wet nose. Using dry hands, remove clear film and place the pack on your nose. Let dry completely for 10-15 minutes. Slowly and gently remove the pack starting from the edges. Finish your skincare routine with an essence and/pr cream of your choice. Use once weekly.

I forgot to wet my nose before applying it but I still got clear and visible results from it. This nose pack is really easy and simple to apply and as I've already said I got clear and visible results with my nose also left feeling soft and smooth. This nose pack has now been added to my weekly skincare routine for cleaner pores and to fight against those pesky black-heads.
Retail Price: $6/£4.71
Rate 5/5

Next up is our spotlight product SKIN WATCHERS UV SUCCESS SUNSCREEN, did you know sunscreen is an important part of your daytime skincare routine? Excessive sun exposure can lead to pigmentation, dullness, wrinkles and not to mention skin cancer. It's recommended that everyone uses SPF 30 or higher daily and if you're doing outdoor activities, you should re-apply it every 2 hours. Also make sure you are using a sunscreen labelled broad spectrum, to block out both UVA and UVB rays.
The UV Success Sunscreen is formulated without parabens and mineral oil, it provides great coverage without feeling greasy or chalky.
How To Use - At the end of your morning skincare routine, spread evenly onto your skin. Wait 10-15 minutes for it to absorb before applying make-up. Sunscreen should be applied at least 20 minutes before sun exposure.
This came at the right time for me as I popped it straight into my case for Disneyland Paris and I'm glad I did as the sun was constantly glaring out without in cloud coverage. It applied really easily and smelt gorgeous, by the end of our holiday I was using on my arms and legs where I'd burnt slightly and it really helped me from burning anymore as well as cooling down where I'd burnt. It didn't feel greasy at all and absorbed really quickly, it also provided a good make-up base, instead of using my usual moisturiser.
Retail Price: $26/£20.40
Rate 5/5

Next we have a DAYCELL RE, DNA PROPLIS CREAM, because the Re, DNA Propolis Ampule was really well received with MISHIBOX Subscribers, they decided to include the cream from the same range in May's box. It contains 80% Propolis and niacinamide to moisturise, prevent signs of ageing and brighten skin.
How To Use - After cleansing and toning, apply evenly to skin. Use the ampule first, then the cream. Use up to twice a day.
 This combination of the ampule and cream are now part of my daily skincare routine and I'm tempted that once they have both run out that I will invest in buying one of the sets from this range. The cream smells really nice and thankfully not a sweet and sickly as the ampule did on my first use of it. The cream absorbs really quickly even with applying the ampule before and even though I used 2 different products with 2 different textures it didn't leave my skin feeling greasy, instead my skin was left feeling, soft, smooth, moisturised, and looking clear and bright and best of all my skin didn't have any bad reactions to the products.
Retail Price: $10/£7.85
Rate 5/5

Lastly from our May box we have a DAYCELL ANIMAL HAND CREAM, these hand creams are available in 3 animal forms: Wawa the Panda which is Citrus Ade, Dondon the Pig which is Budapest Rose and Kiki the Cat which is Delicious Sweet Dew. The hand creams contain adenosine for wrinkle care, beeswax and macadamia nut oil for moisturising. With each one of the animals having their own signature scents they can also be used instead of a perfume by applying a dab onto your neck and wrists.
How To Use - Apply adequate amount onto clean hands and rub gently. Use as often as needed.
To use as a perfume, dab a small amount onto wrists and neck.

 I'm guessing we were sent one of these animal hand creams at random with there being 3 choices available and I got my favourite animal - the panda. I'm interested in trying out the other 2 hand creams so that I can see how they smell and complete the collection. I love using this hand cream, it smells gorgeous, the cream absorbs really quickly and my hands were left feeling soft, moisturised, and smelling divine, it's also a bonus too that the packaging is so cute, this now is in my handbag for when I'm on the go and my hands need some refreshment.
Retail Price: $8/£6.28
Rate 5/5

Now it's time to get down to the business side of the MISHIBOX, it seems that they no longer off different subscription offers as the only one available now on the website is the monthly recurring subscription which is $19.95/£16.33 a month, this does not include the shipping fee which for the UK is $5.95. I pay £20 a month including shipping for my box and I'm sure you can see from the products you get it's really worth the investment even with the extra charges for the box from my bank it's still a worthwhile subscription. You really get more than your moneys worth from the box, these boxes are extremely popular and sell out really fast so if you interested I would suggest being quick to avoid disappoint.

If you have liked what you have seen in this post then head to the MISHIBOX website, and possibly sign up for their amazing subscription box, it's even great as a gift for a beauty enthusiast.

To say I wasn't really fond of the Everyday Bouncy Facial Mask, the May box was still a pretty amazing and effective skincare box and I can't wait till my June box arrives to see what amazing products we get.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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