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Mira Grant: Symbiont Book Review

Ni Hao

Well book 2 of Mira Grant's Parasitology series is complete and it's getting exciting, I wonder who will win the final battle, Symbiont is the 2nd book it Mira Grant's Parasitology series and was originally released back in 2014 on November 25th.
Lets have a little recap - It's set in the future in the year 2027 where medication is no longer needed if you have the Intestinal Bodyguard within you. The Intestinal Bodyguard fights all disease and infections removing all fear of disease like Cancer. The series follows the death and life of Sally Mitchell and her mission to find out what SymboGen are really up to or should we say what they are really hiding. I can hear you asking what the Intestinal Bodyguard really is well, it's a Parasite a tapeworm to be precise and these parasite's no longer want to sit and be controlled anymore. People keep falling into the sleeping sickness one by one and Sal rushes to find a reason and a cure for what is happening, along the way she loses loved ones and makes new friends as she fights to survive this parasite apocalypse. What I've yet to mention is Sal only has 6 years worth of memories, Why? I hear you ask, Sally Mitchell had a severe car accident that declared her clinically brain dead but a miracle when Sally opens her eyes and has somehow survived making SymboGen point out the benefits of their Intestinal Bodyguards.


The SymboGen parasites were created to relieve humanity of disease and sickness. But the implants in the majority of the world's population began attacking their hosts, turning them into a ravenous horde.
Panic spreads as these predators begin to take over the streets. In the chaos, Sal and her companions must discover how the parasites are taking over their hosts - and how they can be stopped.


Praise for the PARASITOLOGY Series:
"An incredible, disturbingly plausible tale" -
"A creepy spine-tingler of a medical thriller" - Charles Stross
"Horrifying, riveting...this work is a tour de force" - Library Journal

It took me a while after finishing Parasite, to get started on Symbiont and I don't seem to know why. I seem to have a love/hate relationship when it comes to books and reading, I seem to hate starting new books but by the time I do I fall in love with reading all over again. I started reading Symbiont at the end of April towards the start of May, I can't really recall when but by the time I went to Disneyland Paris on the 22nd of May, I'd started reading the third and final book of the Parasitology series. I actually had to restart the book as I'd originally started reading it when I finished Parasite but didn't seem to get passed the 2nd chapter and because it had been so long, I restarted it as I couldn't remember what had happened in the first 2 chapters. Once I started the book I couldn't put it down, it really didn't take me long to work my way through it. The tense, on the edge of my seat moments continued throughout Symbiont. My feeling of fight with Sal didn't waver either, the 2 main people I want to survive this series and have an happy ending is Sal and Nathan. There's a moral of this story that is that you love someone for who they are not what they are, I wasn't expecting Symbiont to end the way that it did but I'm glad that's the route it went down as now it'll be exciting to see how Sal gets out of the situation she is now in as the final battle approaches. It also seems now that the final battle is beginning as now no-one is safe that still has the SymboGen Intestinal Bodyguard in their system. Mira Grant never fails to surprise me with her books and Symbiont is no different, there's twists and turns all the way keeping your interest piqued and your brain thinking who will win.

Who will win the war? Humanity or Parasite! I know who I'm routing for and it will be exciting and tense to see who will come out on top, why not join in the fight and check out the Parasitology series for yourself to find out if humanity wins or if the parasites take over, if you're a fan of science fiction, horror, thriller, romance and even zombies then I think this is a series you will really enjoy.

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