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Mira Grant: Parasite Book Review

Ni Hao

Last year I found an author that I have since started following and keeping an eye out for new releases from her, the author in question is Mira Grant, so far she only has 2 3 book series' out which are the Newsflesh trilogy and the Parasitology series. I've read and completed the Newsflesh series which is how I found her but for now I'm going to share with you the first book from her Parasitology series.

I've had the full series since November/December 2015 and just didn't get round to starting it, but here we are book 1 is complete.
Parasite is a science fiction novel by author Mira Grant which is the pseudonym of American author Seanan McGuire, as I've said above under the pen name Mira Grant she only has 2 completed book series', the book was originally released 29th October 2013 by Orbit Books and is the first book of the Parasitology series. It's set in the future in the year 2027 where medication is no longer needed if you have the Intestinal Bodyguard within you. The Intestinal Bodyguard fights all disease and infections removing all fear of disease like Cancer. The book follows the death and life of Sally Mitchell and her mission to find out what SymboGen are really up to or should we say what they are really hiding. I can hear you asking what the Intestinal Bodyguard really is well, it's a Parasite a tapeworm to be precise and these parasite's no longer want to sit and be controlled anymore. People keep falling into the sleeping sickness one by one and Sal rushes to find a reason and a cure for what is happening, along the way she loses loved ones and makes new friends as she fights to survive this parasite apocalypse. What I've yet to mention is Sal only has 6 years worth of memories, Why? I hear you ask, Sally Mitchell had a severe car accident that declared her clinically brain dead but a miracle when Sally opens her eyes and has somehow survived making SymboGen point out the benefits of their Intestinal Bodyguards.

'Every so often, some conspiracy nut starts in with "what they aren't telling you" and "the things they don't want you to know", and you know what? Not one has produced verifiable scientific evidence that the Intestinal Bodyguard is harmful in humans'
- Dr Steven Banks, co-founder of SymboGen

A decade in the future, humanity thrives in the absence of disease. We owe our good health to a humble parasite. The Intestinal Bodyguard protects us from illness, boosts our immune system - even secretes designer drugs. Now, almost everyone has a SymboGen parasite living within them.

But these creatures are getting restless. They want their own lives - and will do anything to get them.

I want to share with you a section of the book that was shared at the very start before the very first chapter.
I made my way slowly toward the window, wishing I had a weapon, or any idea how to use one. I would have felt better. There were probably lots of things that could be used as improvised weapons in the kitchen and living room, but I didn't know what would work, and so I didn't reach for anything. I wasn't a fighter. I did however, have a pane of glass between me and whatever was in the side yard. I held that thought firmly at the front of my mind as I inched around the couch and peered out the window.
Three of my neighbours were standing in the side yard, their hands down at their sides, staring at the fence. I recognised them all, even if I only knew one-Mr. Carson from next door-by name. None of them were moving. One of them, a woman, was wearing a bathrobe a little newer than mine. Her socks were soaked and grass stained. The other woman was wearing one shoe, and her hair looked like it was halfway-combed. I bit my lip. They were just standing there.
Then Mr. Carson turned and looked at me.
I let out a little scream and stumbled backward, falling over the couch in my retreat. His eyes were like Chave's had been: totally empty of anything resembling humanity or life. Dead eyes. he looked at me like a man who had crawled out of his own grave.

I really enjoyed the first book in the parasitology series, I enjoyed getting to know the characters and see the twist and turns that lay ahead for them. I love writing style that Mira Grant uses and so far I would recommend both of the series' of hers that I've read. The further I got into the first book the more suspicious I got of characters, I really like that my suspicions were not confirmed till the very end of the book, making me want to jump straight into the next book to find out what was going to happen next for Sal and Nathan. Parasite is only the start of what will be a long and hard war between the human race and the parasites that want to take over them. I highly recommend giving this series a go if you love science fiction books as well as a good thriller, so far I've only read Parasite and Symbiont which is the 2nd book in the series and I'm looking forward to how the series will end. There never is a dull chapter in Parasite and I spent hours saying to myself I'll go to sleep at the end of this chapter to find myself reading onto the next because I was really deep in the story. I've said in past book review posts that a good book for me is when you feel what the characters are feeling and Parasite was no different, I could feel myself clutching hard onto the book as it started to get thrilling wondering how far Sal would make it and if she'd survive past the first book, to me a good writer makes you feel one with the characters and their emotions come through to the reader. I actually completed this book last year and started the next book around the end of April this year, but it's took me so long to complete this post because I didn't know how to word how I felt about the book, I think reading Symbiont and starting Chimera has refreshed my memory on how the story began and how involved I felt with Sal in the first book.

I don't know what you're waiting for get started and get stuck into Mira Grant's Parasitology series and start the war between humans and parasites.
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See you soon!

Zai Jian

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