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MISHIBOX: March Unboxing & Review

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March's spotlight product comes from Skin Watchers with their Enzyme Powder Wash.

Lets get started!

First we have a TOSOWOONG PURE MASK, Tosowoong's Pure Mask delivers brightening and wrinkle care in just one sheet mask. Active ingredients include niacinamide for brightening, xanthan gum for mouisturising and adenosine for elasticity. Mask varieties include: Vlueberry, Green Tea, Deep Sea Water, Propolis, Aloe and snail.
How To Use - After cleanser and toner, place on face for 15-20 minutes. Pat remaining essence to increase absorption. Use 1-3 times a week.
 I really like these face masks from Tosowoong, I got the Pure Aloe Mask. The Aloe mask helps to soothe and calm irritated and sensitive skin while also delivering intense hydration to boost the skins moisture and enhance the skins texture and radiance. I'm always really hit or miss when it comes to applying these masks, my skin was feeling a little sore when I used this mask and once removed my skin felt a lot better, softer and smoother, which I think you can really see in the after picture. I would really recommend this mask for anyone that suffers from irritated or sensitive skin as I found it to be a big help.
Retail Price: $2/£1.59
Rate 5/5

Next we have a PACKAGE MONTHLY NEW FEET, these mask socks exfoliate with AHA Complex and softens with orange oil for baby soft feet, which is perfect with Summer just around the corner.
How To Use - Cover each foot with sock for 60 minutes, then remove socks and rinse feet. Dead skin cells will start to peel in 1-3 days. Use once a month.

I suffer a lot with dry skin especially on my heels so I do like using these type of foot masks. The socks did smell strong of the products but I think that was just because there was so much actually in the socks to moisturise the feet for an hour. My feet were left feeling smooth, soft and feeling fresh after using the mask as well as leaving a nice scent from using the socks too. It's not a pretty sight once the dead skin cells start to peel away but your feet definitely feel better for it. We got socks like these in a previous box and I have to say that these are my favourite of the two, I felt that they fit to my feet better and none of the liquid leaked out.
Retail Price: $3/£2.40
Rate 5/5

Next we have PACKAGE MELT ME SOFTLY, this lemon herb nose pack is designed to fight against blackheads for clean pores, as well as helping tackle sebum. The nose pack also provides an essence type massage effect, leaving your nose feeling clean and pampered.
How To Use - After Cleanser and toner, place on nose for 15 minutes. Use a cotton swab to remove the softened sebum/blackheads. Use 3-4 times a week.
 I was skeptical when I first saw this nose pack as most blackhead products are strips that you leave to dry and then pull off with it taking the blackheads with them, and I thought how is this going to remove blackheads. I was left surprised when my nose looked less oily and blackhead free, personally for me this nose pack worked a lot better than the product we got in last months MISHIBOX, not only could I feel a difference I could also see a difference. Come my next payday I will be ordering more of these.
Retail Price: $1/£0.80
Rate 5/5

 Next we have a GRAYMELIN FOOT BUTTER HEEL & ELBOW BALM, this is a thick cream to tackle dried spots on both your heels, elbows and even your knees. It contains Shea Butter and smooths and softens your skin immediately, while also creating a protective layer to keep the skin moisturised.
How To Use - Massage onto clean heels and elbows daily.
As I've mentioned before I can often get dry heels and suffer from my elbows feeling dry and sore, so getting something like this is amazing for me. I love the packaging and I love that it's also pretty much the same design as their rice & sugar soft scrub, so high hopes were held for this cream. It smelt gorgeous, I only used it on my elbows but they instantly felt moisturised as well as soft, they didn't feel as sore either. This cream is definitely one that I will continue to use and really recommend it for anyone that suffers from dry heels, elbows or even knees.
Retail Price: $15/£12.01
Rate 5/5

 Next we have a FASCY MOISTURE BOMB HAND CREAM, Fascy uses character-focused designs for all of their products and these hand creams are no different, the creams are said to be fast-absorbing hand creams leaving your hands feeling moisturised and smelling nice. Varieties include: Violet, Peach, grapefruit, Strawberry and Milk.
How To Use - Apply onto clean hands and rub gently. Use as often as needed.
I got the strawberry hand cream and it smells absolutely gorgeous, I'm not normally a fan of fruit scented products but this hand cream smells good enough to eat. The cream absorbed into my skin pretty quickly and left my hands feeling smooth and moisturised as well as smelling really nice, I couldn't stop smelling them as they smelt so nice. I love the packaging as it appeals to pretty much any age, it also reminds me of Korean webtoon artwork, so it even calls to my manga interest as well as my need and want to have soft hands. I'd love to give the violet and milk varieties a go to see how they smell and make my hands feel.
Retail Price: $5/£4
Rate 5/5

 Lastly we have our spotlight product, SKIN WATCHERS ENZYME POWDER WASH, Skin Watchers is a brand that focuses on providing high quality products using natural ingredients. All of their products have superior quality as well as affordable prices. The Enzyme Powder Wash contains ingredients derived from papaya and corn to help remove sebum and debris from the skin, with a pH of 5.5, it effectively cleans the skin without causing excessive dryness.
How To Use - Pour a coin-sized amount onto clean hands. Add water and rub together to produce a rich lather, Massage gently onto face and rinse with warm water.

 I always like to test these when I'm removing my make-up to see how well it removes it, and this is now my new favourite product from not only MISHIBOX but also from Skin Watchers. Skin Watchers is a well known brand within MISHIBOX as they used their products quite a few times. My skin is left feeling clean, fresh and smooth once I've used it. Some products after using them can leave my skin feeling dry and tight but this powder wash doesn't, I've used this quite a lot on an evening and in a morning and I can really see and feel a difference from other products I use for cleaning my skin, especially when removing my make up, it's really quick and easy to use and HIGHLY recommend this product, so far I've not been disappointed with a spotlight product.
Retail Price: $20/£16
Rate 5/5

Now it's time to get down to the business side of the MISHIBOX, it seems that they no longer off different subscription offers as the only one available now on the website is the monthly recurring subscription which is $19.95/£16.33 a month, this does not include the shipping fee which for the UK is $5.95. I pay £20 a month including shipping for my box and I'm sure you can see from the products you get it's really worth the investment even with the extra charges for the box from my bank it's still a worthwhile subscription. You really get more than your moneys worth from the box, these boxes are extremely popular and sell out really fast so if you interested I would suggest being quick to avoid disappoint.

If you have liked what you have seen in this post then head to the MISHIBOX website, and possibly sign up for their amazing subscription box, it's even great as a gift for a beauty enthusiast.

I think it's safe to say that the March MISHIBOX is my favourite box so far for 2017, I've not been disappointed by any of the products we received in March's box which makes me really anticipate April's box.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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