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Korean Drama - Missing 9

Ni Hao

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I'm slowly starting to get into Korean Drama's and share with you my first official K-Drama.

Missing 9 is a South Korean TV series that was created by Han Jung-Hoon, written by Son Hwang-Won and directed by Choi Byung-Gil.
The show aired from January the 18th this year (2017) till the 9th of March, with the episodes airing every Wednesday and Thursday for a total of 16 episodes.
The series stars:

Baek Jin-Hee as the lead female Ra Bong-Hee.
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Jung Kyung-Ho as the lead male Seo Joon-Oh.
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With the next 7 actors as the supporting cast.

Choi Tae-Joon as Choi Tae-Ho
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Park Chanyeol as Lee Yeol
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Lee Sun-Bin as Ha Ji-Ah
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Ryu Won as Yoon So-Hee.
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Oh Jung-Se as Jung Ki-Joon.
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Kim Sang-Ho as Hwang Jae-Guk.
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Finally Tae Hang-Ho as Tae Ho-Hang.
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Early working titles for the series were Gaia and Picnic before they settled on Missing 9 which I think is a more suitable and better fitting for the show. Kim Ban-Di wrote the first script which was then revised by Han Jung-Hoon, several actors and actresses were offered the lead roles before they were given to Jung Kyung-Ho and Baek Jin-Hee including Kang Ha-Neul who was offered the male lead and Kwon Yuri, Lee Hye-Ri and Jung Jung Yu-Mi which were all offered the female lead, all declined due to schedule conflicts.
Filming took place in September 2016 when the show had not yet confirmed with the first table script reading taking place on October 14th.

Missing 9 Trailer

A plane that carried 47 passengers unexpectedly crashes and causes wide spread panic in South Korea due to the plane also carrying 9 influential figures in the entertainment industry. They are personnel of the company, Legend Entertainment, celebrities Seo Joon-oh, Choi Tae-ho, lee Yeol, Ha Ji-ah, Yoon So-hee, President Hwang Jae-guk, Secretary Tae ho-hang, Manager Jung Ki-joon and Stylist Ra Bong-hee. After 4 months, Bong-hee found herself unconscious by the sea in China, where she was successfully rescued and is the first survivor of the plane crash found. She was subsequently transported back to South Korea, where she had to provide limited aid to the Investigation Commission of the plane crash incident due to her short-term memory loss. During the period of time when Bong-hee tries to regain her memory, almost all of the 9 people return back to South Korea successfully, turning out to have survived the plane crash as well. However Bong-hee and the rest have to now fight against one of the survivors who is responsible for the murders that occurred back on the island the survivors were living on and also the head of the Investigation Commission, Jo Hee-kyung, who is only concerned about public sentiment instead of the truth.

The series had 3 ending songs used throughout it's 16 episodes, 2 of which came from SM Entertainment artists.
The first ending song is titled When My Loneliness Calls You and is performed by Punch, the song was also used for the shows final episode as well as released as part of SM Station.
Owned by SM Entertainment
The second ending song is title 안녕 못해 (I'm Not Okay) (Can't Say Goodbye (I'm Not Okay)) and is performed by Chanyeol's fellow EXO member Chen.
The third and final ending song is titled Kiss or Kill and is performed by Brown Eyed Girls member Gain.

I've made it no secret that Chanyeol is my bias in EXO and when I saw that he was in this drama, I gave the trailer a once over to see how it looked. From the trailer it's my kind of show, I really like thriller and who done it types of shows. Originally I forgot that it had started airing until I saw an article about EXO members characters and how the same thing seem to happen to their characters, I'm not going to state what this was in case you want to check out the show and I don't want to drop any spoilers. 12 episodes had already aired by the time I started watching and I can honestly I was hooked from the first episode and it only took around 7 minutes into the first episode to have me in tears. I can honestly say that one thing I was not expecting from this series was comedy that is randomly placed throughout the episodes, I saw many comments saying they didn't understand why there was comedy in this style of show but personally for me I liked how the comedy balanced out the sad and dark parts, pretty much keeping you on your toes. A lot of viewers also complained and were confused by the shows ending but again I really liked how they ended it, to me it shows no matter how brutal the crime is a person with the right help and punishment can have rehabilitation. The show was predictable at times and I pretty much guessed straight away who the villain of the show was going to be. I can't fault any of the characters and how the actors portrayed them especially Choi Tae-joon and his character Choi Tae-ho, for people that have seen the series will wonder why I place him as my favourite but he played the role so well that I'm eager to see him in other drama's he's been in. I saw many complaints on the fact that one of the characters that die, is never found, with people complaining there is no closure, with many thinking because they weren't found dead that they were alive, most comments I saw where is ***********. I think viewers forget that no matter the accident whether it be a plane crash or a ferry, not all victims can be found and accounted for, for example the missing Malaysia Airlines tragedy as well as the Sewol Ferry tragedy, while there are fans complaining they were done over by not being told what happened to that character, there are families from both of these tragedies that cannot tell loved ones that they love them or in fact know what happened to them, to me how they left it with that character represents victims from those tragedies especially the Sewol Ferry tragedy. Like many viewers I was hoping that Ra Bong-hee and Seo Joon-ah would end up together and even though it never fully confirms that they are a couple by showing them kiss to me it hints that they ended up together. I loved the soundtrack and my favourite song has to be Gain's Kiss or Kill, overall even though at times the show is far fetched and unbelievable I think it's a great series to be an introduction to K-Drama, I've never felt so many emotions in one episode and never once thought that from the trailer I would be in tears one minute and laughing the next. Missing 9 is a series that I will go back and watch again even though I know what happens, which to me shows that it's a really good show, I do feel bad for the actors involved though as commercially it basically flopped, there are other drama's I am wanting to watch including Goblin: The LONELY and GREAT GOD, Who Are You, Hwarang, Descendants of the Sun and Scarlet Heart: Ryeo but at the moment on the site I am subscribed to (Drama Fever) they are not yet available for me to watch in the UK.

Did you watch Missing 9?
Were you a fan?
Who was your favourite character?
Can you recommend any Korean Dramas?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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