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Fangirl Monthly: April Box

Ni Hao

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Shall we see if I guessed correctly at the end of my March box on what we'd get in the April box for Tokyo Ghoul.
Tokyo Ghoul is one of the few series' that I got into through the Manga, which in turn made me want to check out the anime, I love the artwork for the manga covers which was one of the reasons I decided to give it a try, while I'm really behind in reading the manga and have only watched season 1 of the anime, it still remains a series that I'm excited by and back in October 2015 it took the No.2 spot of my Top 5 Halloween Week Special: Monster Style Anime's. I do think the Tokyo Ghoul box would have been more suited for the October box but I'm still glad the show gets a feature in a subscription box like this.

First up we have an EXCLUSIVE TOKYO GHOUL POSTCARD PRINT, with the artwork done by Mayu Matsumoto. I would have been shocked if the postcard print wasn't of Kaneki as I think for any anime fan especially Tokyo Ghoul their first thoughts would be of the 2 sides of Ken Kaneki, his human side and the Ghoul within him. I like how the print seems to show the Ghoul within him eating away at his human self.

Next we have our CUSTOM LYCORIS RADIATA COTTON JEWELRY POUCH, I love that Fangirl Monthly go that extra mile and create these pouches to keep the items in, I keep my jewelry etc inside them when I'm not wearing them and I keep them in their coordinated pouches. The Lycoris Radiata is a flower also known as a Red Spider Lily, many people believe that the flower is associated with death, so only plant them on graves as it shows a tribute to the dead, which I think fits well with the Tokyo Ghoul theme.

Next we have a KEN KANEKI MASK PENDANT NECKLACE, I may not have guessed correctly for it to be a pin/broach but I guessed correctly in that we would get something featuring the shows famous mask. Anyone familiar with the series whether they watch it or not will think of Kaneki's infamous Ghoul mask when they hear about the show, it's personally my favourite mask from the series. It hides his while face minus his left eye which is red revealing the Ghoul that resides inside him. Personally for me this isn't a necklace I would wear, I think it has a more masculine look and feel to it than a feminine look. The chain is quite short leaving the mask to sit high up on the chest. I personally feel too that it would have looked better coloured like the actual mask with a black chain but other than that it's a pretty amazing necklace and I'm sure there were plenty of subscribers happy with it.

Next we have a TOUKA KIRISHIMA BUNNY MASK NECKLACE, you may be wondering why they seem to wear masks, well it hides their identity as Ghouls meaning they can live as humans and have an attempt at living a somewhat normal life, the only wear their masks when they are fighting as ghouls. I love this necklace and I like that it's on a fabric style chain instead of the your usual metal chain. I really like that the rabbits eyes and ears are coloured red, making the necklace pop more. The chain can be adjusted to via the fastener for how long you want it, I do like how it fits.

Next we have a MASK ZIPPER RING, the info card states that it's one size. My fingers tend to be small for rings, so they don't tend to fit me well enough to feel comfortable to wear them as they feel like they'd fall off. I like how the ring is designed with zip looking like you can open and close it. Personally for me like the mask necklace it has more of a masculine look and feel to it, so I don't think it's something I would personally wear but I know there will be many that love it and wear it on a daily basis.

Lastly we have a CUSTOM LYCORIS RADIATA COMPACT MIRROR, this is my favourite item from the Tokyo Ghoul April Box. The mirror is stiff and difficult to open but we've been assured that with use this will become easier to do. I love the design and colours, it now is placed within my bag to use when I'm out and about. I'd be surprised if no one was happy with this compact mirror, it's definitely the highlight of the box.

It's now time to get into all the business side of the Fangirl Monthly subscription box, whatever month you subscribe, as long as it's before the deadline you will get that months box, if it's after the deadline you will receive the next months box. Each box comes with 3-5 anime and manga inspired jewelry, accessories and goodies from a selected series each month. You get the choice of what term of what subscription plan you would like, there's a 6 month plan which is $102/£83.69 and renews every 6 months until you cancel, there is a 3 month plan which is $52.50/£43.08 and renews every 3 months until you cancel, and finally there is a monthly plan which is the plan I am on, which is $18/£14.77 and renews every month until you cancel. You are able to skip any of the months boxes if you need to for any reason. These boxes do not include shipping and each shipping price varies for where they are shipping to, I pay £24.81 a month which is including shipping. If you are interested in subscribing or fancy checking them out then you can head over to the Fangirl Monthly website.

Even though there are items I personally wouldn't wear I think Fangirl Monthly did a great job creating a versatile box for Tokyo Ghoul, my favourites are definitely the bunny necklace and the compact mirror, even the postcard tells a story which I've never noticed the others do. I can't hide how excited I am for my May Box, I wonder if we'll receive the Philosopher's Stone (no Harry Potter has not been made into an anime) and many are hoping that we'll get an infamous pocket watch, my phone case is even some amazing artwork from May's box.
May box is Fullmetal Alchemist.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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