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Fangirl Monthly: February Box

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February's box was a box I was really excited about, Naruto was the anime that pretty much got me into anime and manga, you'll notice that I haven't included Sailor Moon in this as it wasn't till I started watching Naruto that I realised that Sailor Moon was in fact anime, because I watched it growing I assumed it was a cartoon and it wasn't till getting into Naruto that I found how much Sailor Moon was toned down and scenes/episodes were cut in the attempts to make it "appropriate" for English release. I was introduced to Naruto by a friend whose favourite anime was Naruto and as I mentioned in my last post I do have a Naruto tattoo, I have the hidden leaf symbol tattooed onto my back between my shoulder blades. Even Skye likes to watch Naruto and even though there may be a few swear words, blood and violence I think overall Naruto is a good anime for kids as the moral of Naruto's journey is that he never gives up and no matter his obstacles or how many times he's knocked down he always gets back up and continues to fight because that's his ninja way, believe it!

First up out of the box we have an EXCLUSIVE "TEAM 7" POSTCARD PRINT, it doesn't state it but I'm assuming that like the other prints the artwork is done by Mayu Matsumoto, I like that the print that we got went back to Naruto's original roots with him training under Kakashi with Sakura and Sasuke, I like that even though Sasuke leaves the team, team 7 reunites in their final battle.

Next keeping the jewelry safe we have a CUSTOM HAKKE NO FUIN SHIKI JEWELRY POUCH, to non Naruto fans this design is the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style, it basically allows Naruto to be able to use the chakra of Kurama, the nine-tailed fox that is sealed away inside of him, something the village didn't approve of and kept their distance from him, meaning Naruto was alone most of his childhood as both his parents died stopping the nine-tails' rampage the day he was born, hence his dad sealing it away inside him.

Next we have a SUPER DEFORMED (SD) CHARACTER LANYARD, I have to wear a lanyard at work so it's a shame I can't use this one as the one I have to wear is a store branded one. I love that the characters seem to be in chibi form which makes them look cute and adorable and features characters in the Naruto Shippuden series including the Akatsuki.

Next we have a LICENSED KAKASHI READING THE PARADISE KEYCHAIN, Kakashi is one of my favourite characters from the whole Naruto series, I find it odd that a majority of fans find Kakashi attractive even though you never see his face past his eyes and most of the time you only see one eye as he tends to keep his other eye hidden behind his headband. Kakashi at the start of the series seems to be a hard ass that keeps his distance from others because of his past but being in a team with Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke he seems to open up slightly and grows closer to them while still being a hard ass. I find it funny that he's always being shown either reading The Paradise which he is obsessed with or having competition's with his rival Might Guy. I love this little keychain and I will be adding it to my keys once I can drive.

Next we have a CUSTOM AKATSUKI PENDANT NECKLACE, even though the Akatsuki is a group of ninjas that fight against their own villages and work to find all the Jinchuriki and steal all the tailed beasts for their own use, while the Akatsuki weren't created for evil, members were easily persuaded to follow the wrong path to find peace. I can't deny though that the group have some amusing members that left an impression such as Deidara, Itachi, Sasori and Nagato. The group all wear black cloaks which have a red cloud like pattern on it symbolising that they are the Akatsuki, they all each wear headbands of their home villages with a line through the symbol.
I love that the necklace has a red glittery symbol as I think it will catch the light better making it stand out more, and the chain is quite long and thick and it fits nicely and is easy to put on and take off.

Next we have a KONOHAGAKURE SYMBOL NECKLACE, this is the symbol I have tattooed on my back, it's the symbol for the Village Hidden in the Leaves, a lot of people say that it reminds them of a snail. I would have been surprised if we didn't get anything to do with the hidden leaf symbol as the village is where Naruto and the gang hail from and mainly focuses around that village, as they are one of the strongest villages. The necklace is really is to put on and take off and fits really nicely. The chain seems a lot thinner and shorter than the Akatsuki necklace but it's still really pretty and made very well.

Lastly from the Naruto box we have CUSTOM MANGEKYOU SHARINGAN EARRINGS, Sadly I don't have my ears pierced so I can't wear these amazing earrings but they look well made and that they would look awesome when worn. The Mangekyou Sharingan is an advanced form of the Sharingan that is possessed by the Uchiha Clan like Sasuke and Itachi, only a few of the Uchiha clan have been able to conquer this feat including Sasuke and Itachi but also Kakashi as he obtained the Sharingan from his teammate Obito when he "died", his headband covers the eye the possesses the Sharingan.

It's now time to get into all the business side of the Fangirl Monthly subscription box, whatever month you subscribe, as long as it's before the deadline you will get that months box, if it's after the deadline you will receive the next months box. Each box comes with 3-5 anime and manga inspired jewelry, accessories and goodies from a selected series each month. You get the choice of what term of what subscription plan you would like, there's a 6 month plan which is $102/£83.69 and renews every 6 months until you cancel, there is a 3 month plan which is $52.50/£43.08 and renews every 3 months until you cancel, and finally there is a monthly plan which is the plan I am on, which is $18/£14.77 and renews every month until you cancel. You are able to skip any of the months boxes if you need to for any reason. These boxes do not include shipping and each shipping price varies for where they are shipping to, I pay £24.81 a month which is including shipping. If you are interested in subscribing or fancy checking them out then you can head over to the Fangirl Monthly website.

I really loved this box and I'm happy that it didn't just stop with the hidden leaf village and that we got items that we've not had yet in any of these boxes. Each item looks well made and well thought out for Naruto fans. March's box is another anime that I watch and enjoy, even though I've not really been into this series long I'm curious to know what kinds of items we'll get, I personally think there will be a necklace with a sword but you'll have to wait to see if I get it right.
March box is Sword Art Online.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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