Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Weigh In Wednesday!

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Well it's time for an update on from my last Weigh In Wednesday post but first lets recap my goals for this year.

My goals for 2017 are:
Weight loss - I'm a bridesmaid this year and I've gone for a dress size down for my dress so I'm wanting to if not go 1 but 2 dress sizes down from what I already am.
Tone up - with the weight loss I want to tone my stomach, thighs and arms back up, if I tone my bum up a bit more too then that's just a bonus.
Learn to drive - I've always wanted to learn to drive and I've got to the point that when my friends want to do something I feel like I have to say no because I hate having to always rely on them to come for me first, plus I always feel really cheeky asking for lifts to places.

I informed you of some of the things I had bought to start my process and people that I had contacted, well here is a little update. I haven't started the meal plans just yet from Kayla's book, I'm waiting to finish my Skinny Mint Teatox before I start any diet plans and as well as doing her circuit workouts from her book, I'm also going to do the circuit workouts from a book I ordered with my Teatox which is called Body Boss, the book states results start to show in as little as 2 weeks, so we will obviously be testing that out in my next update of Weigh In Wednesday.
So far I've had 3 driving lessons and I'm really enjoying it, I have my 4th lesson this week and I'm surprised that I feel like I'm getting the hang of it pretty quickly, even after only 3 lessons I don't really like being a passenger anymore, a few friends have put the pressure on though by saying they think I will pass on my first test, so I want to make sure I do and prove them right and not let them down. I have started revising again for my theory test and it's been booked for April so fingers crossed, I pass this time on my first attempt.

Starting Weight:
9st 6/60kg/ 132.2lb

Current Weight:
9st 5/59.5kg/131.2lb

Arm Measurements:
28 cm/11 inches

Bust Measurements:
87 cm/ 34 inches

Waist Measurements:
76 cm/30 inches

Hips Measurements:
98.5 cm/39 inches

Thigh Measurements:
58 cm/ 23 inches

Calf Measurements:
32 cm/13 inches

Ankle Measurements:
20 cm/8 inches

Well that's it for this month's Weigh In Wednesday update, I hope you're keeping up with your own goals and remember the mantra to go by comes from the Jedi master himself Yoda, do or do not, there is no try. Use this no matter the goal you're trying to accomplish.

Have you already broken your new years resolution?
Have you made any new goals?
Are you getting any closer to accomplishing your goals?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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