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Fangirl Monthly: January Box

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If you're an anime or manga fan then when you hear someone say Fairy Tale, you don't think of stories like Sleeping Beauty or Little Red Riding Hood, you're one of the selected few that hears Fairy Tail and is thinking Natsu Dragneel, Happy, Lucy Heartfilia, Gray Fullbuster and Erza Scarlet and when I found out January's box would be Fairy Tail themed I was just as excited as finding out their first box was Sailor Moon. Fairy Tail is in my long list of anime and manga's that I follow and I have often looked into getting cosplay outfits of some of the female characters especially Lucy, Erza and Lisanna, I've even contemplated having the Fairy Tail Guild mark tattooed onto my thigh like Lisanna's, so without further ado lets dive straight into January's box.

A little sneak peak.

First up from the box we have the EXCLUSIVE FAIRY TAIL GROUP POSTCARD, like previous postcards the artwork is by Mayu Matsumoto, so far along with the Sailor Moon postcard this one is one of my favourites, it's so pretty and any fan of the show can tell who is who which shows the detail they put into creating it.

Next up we have a LICENSED SD CHARACTER KEYCHAIN, there were 3 versions available and we were sent 1 at random from either Natsu Dragneel, Gray Fullbuster or Happy. I love all 3 of these characters so I was happy with whoever I got, and I got Gray with his iconic shirt off, fans of the series know of Gray's obsession of removing his clothes without realising and being constantly told to put his clothes back on, I've not seen the series for a while so I'm unaware if it still happens but it's 1 of the jokes that appeared a lot along with Natsu's motion sickness. I'm learning to drive so I think I will save this guy for when I've passed to add it to my car keys.

Next up we have the CUSTOM FAIRY TAIL INSIGNIA JEWELRY POUCH, I love that we always get a pouch that follows the theme for each box, I keep all the jewelry in it when I'm not wearing it to keep it safe and to keep everything together.

Next we have a FAIRY TAIL INSIGNIA NECKLACE, I love that it's black making it stand out more and (here comes the nerd in me) that I can feel like I'm a member of Fairy Tail. It fits really nicely and I like wearing it, I don't think it's something you can team up with any outfit but that doesn't mean I won't give it a go.

Next we have a CUSTOM GRAY FULLBUSTER NECKLACE, which is basically a replica of the necklace he wears himself. It fits really well and while it looks pretty it does have a more masculine feel to it, I'm not sure it's a necklace I would wear often but it's amazing all the same.

Next we have LUCY HEARTFILIA'S GUILD TATTOO, I love that we got a tattoo of Lucy's guild mark as a fake tattoo, it's been quite a few years since I applied one of these and sadly it will continue to be more. I actually don't want to use this tattoo as it's too pretty to use, I may use it one day if I ever get to cosplay as Lucy but for now I'm going to keep it stored in my jewelry pouch.

Lastly we have CUSTOM LUCY HEARTFILIA'S EARRINGS, I always feel bad when there's earrings in these boxes because I no longer have pierced ears since they healed up years ago, but these are really pretty and are meant to be a replica of the earrings Lucy wears in the series

It's now time to get into all the business side of the Fangirl Monthly subscription box, whatever month you subscribe, as long as it's before the deadline you will get that months box, if it's after the deadline you will receive the next months box. Each box comes with 3-5 anime and manga inspired jewelry, accessories and goodies from a selected series each month. You get the choice of what term of what subscription plan you would like, there's a 6 month plan which is $102/£83.69 and renews every 6 months until you cancel, there is a 3 month plan which is $52.50/£43.08 and renews every 3 months until you cancel, and finally there is a monthly plan which is the plan I am on, which is $18/£14.77 and renews every month until you cancel. You are able to skip any of the months boxes if you need to for any reason. These boxes do not include shipping and each shipping price varies for where they are shipping to, I pay £24.81 a month which is including shipping. If you are interested in subscribing or fancy checking them out then you can head over to the Fangirl Monthly website.

I think it's safe to say that this box didn't disappoint and I was glad I was excited for this box, it wasn't personally for me the best box with Sailor Moon but it's been the one of the best boxes since Sailor Moon. February's box is another box I'm really looking forward to as it's another series I love and adore, so much so that I have a village symbol from the series tattooed on my back.
February's box is Naruto

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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