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EXO: 2nd Winter Special Album - Sing For You!

Ni Hao

I can't believe that we're already into Christmas week, this year is going so fast but I'm going to take you back a year into 2015 for today's K-pop post, which is like last years Christmas week post is a winter album.

Sing For You is EXO's 4th mini album and their 2nd winter album release after Miracles in December. Back on November 24th 2015 it was confirmed that EXO would be releasing their 2nd winter special album, being released 2 years after Miracles in December. On December 7th(2015) the track list was released which included a bonus track: Lightsaber.
Back in November Lightsaber was used as a collaboration project between EXO and the massive movie franchise Star Wars, EXO were pulled in to help promote Star Wars: The Force Awakens around Asia.
On November 8th 2015 the M/V teaser was released for Lightsaber.
Owned by SM Entertainment
On the 10th of November EXO's collaboration project with Star Wars started with the release of their M/V for Lightsaber.
Owned by SM Entertainment
Now let's jump back to December, on the 8th of December(2015) the M/V teaser was released for the winter album's title track Sing For You.
Owned by SM Entertainment
The next day on the 9th of December both the Korean and Chinese M/V's were released for Sing For You.
Sing For You - Korean
Owned by SM Entertainment
Sing For You - Chinese
Owned by SM Entertainment
Their 2nd winter album Sing For You was released on the 10th of December and the next day on the 11th SM Entertainment dropped a surprise M/V with the release of the Chinese version of Lightsaber.
Owned by SM Entertainment

Sing For You held the record for the fastest selling album recorded by South Korean album sales chart Hanteo, it held the record till it was overtaken this year(2016) by their 3rd studio album, which I will be sharing with you in a future post.
Chanyeol co-wrote the rap for Lightsaber.

Sing For You peaked at No.1(Korean version) and No.2(Chinese version) on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart, No.1(Korean version) and No.2(Chinese version) on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart, No.6(Korean version) and No.12(Chinese version) on the Oricon Weekly Albums Chart, No.26(Korean version) and No.44(Chinese version) on the Oricon Monthly Albums Chart, No.6 with both albums combined on the Billboard World Albums Chart. Both albums ended 2015 on a high with both charting in the top 10 on the Gaon 2015 Yearly Albums Chart with the Korean version peaking at No.2 and the Chinese version peaking at No.7.
Both versions of the album combined broke the record they previously held with their 2nd full album Exodus, as the album with the biggest first-week sales with over 267,900 copies sold.
Sing For You won 3 music show awards.
Sing For You Physical sales:
Gaon: Korean - 318,698+ Chinese - 176,239+ Totalling 494,937+ copies sold.
Oricon: Korean - 20,773+ Chinese - 8,923+ Totalling 29,696+ copies sold.
Combined sales - 524,633+
The Sing For You M/V's have notched up their views with the Korean M/V gaining 21,040,065 views and the Chinese M/V gaining 1,998,202 views, making a combined 23,038,267 views. 
The views for Lightsaber continue to grow each day too with the Korean M/V gaining 12,928,064 views and the Chinese M/V gaining 967,800 views, making a combined 13,895,864 views. I think it's safe to say EXO's popularity won't be disappearing any time soon.

The mini album is set out in a normal sized and style case, with the CD on one side and the booklet on the other. The album was released with 18 Cd's, 9 individual members for the Korean version and 9 individual members for the Chinese version, both sets of 9 form a picture of the whale seen in the Sing For You M/V on the back of the cases. Each member is seen in an Astronaut helmet on the front cover which continues in the booklet showing the other 8 members. All the pictures are a mixture of colour and black and white pictures, all depicting a wintry feel, with also a few screen shots from the M/V.

Track List:
불공평해 (Unfair)
Sing For You
Girl X Friend
발자국 (On The Snow)

I only have the Korean version at the moment and I have Chen on the cover of mine, compared to Miracles in December, Sing For You gives me a more sombre feeling within the full concept, some songs are a little upbeat but the pictures give off more of a sadness feeling, I wouldn't be surprised if EXO had asked to release an album like this with everything they had to go through since losing 3 of their members, it was definitely personally for me an album they should have closed the year off with to give not only themselves but their fans closure of Kris, Luhan and Tao leaving the group, many fans even came to the conclusion that title track Sing For You was for Kris, Luhan and Tao as a final farewell and a promise to fans they will continue to work hard. I really enjoy this album each track is just as good as the previous track and it shows off all of their vocal talents and a more mature release compared to Miracles in December. My only criticism is for Lightsaber, and before any EXO-L's jump on me attacking and throwing abuse, I really like the song and M/V my criticism lies with the lack of Star Wars, as it was meant to be a collaboration to help promote The Force Awakens, which to me it didn't really promote the film, there wasn't really a lot of Star Wars references. SM Entertainment seemed to just use the obvious, with the Darth Vader breathing and the references to Jedi's and lightsabers, we never really fully see a lightsaber, which I think they could have gone really far with. I would love to see how this track really promoted Star Wars in Asia and if the franchise gained new fans through it. I personally was left underwhelmed, after being pumped that EXO was working with Star Wars. It was slightly redeemed when they performed the track and we got to see Kai and Sehun kind of have a duel. All in all the tracks on this mini album are really good and although people may think winter album means Christmas songs, EXO always prove that's not always the case as not everyone has a bright and cheerful Christmas, check out the tracks below.

불공평해 (Unfair)
By MBCkpop

Girl X Friend

발자국 (On The Snow)
By yankat


Sing For You

EXO have just released their 3rd winter special album, which I'm still yet to listen to, but so far Sing For You is my favourite winter album of theirs.
Which of their winter albums is your favourite?
Which winter single is your favourite?
Which track from Sing For You is your favourite?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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