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Fangirl Monthly: October Box

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So back in September I signed up to a new subscription box, this box is all manga and anime inspired jewelry and accessories. I'm really excited by this box and can't wait for all my future boxes, each box has a set theme and our first box; the October box's theme was Sailor Moon. When I saw that Sailor Moon was October's theme my inner and outer fangirl just screamed with excitement, it's no secret that I'm a big Sailor Moon fan and what I found in the box was really overwhelming, shall we take a peak?

I really like that the box for this subscription is plain with the logo as I think it makes the logo stand out and it doesn't take away from what you'll find in the box.

Each box also comes with an info card that is themed with the box and contains what each item is and if needed who has designed and made the item.

First up we got an exclusive Sailor Moon Crystal postcard print, the artwork is by Mayu Matsumoto, and it's just breathtaking, it definitely won't be getting used, I'm thinking of waiting for more and then putting them in a frame all together, or maybe just framing the ones I really like.

The rest of our items were stored in this CUSTOM USAGI JEWELRY POUCH that was designed by Fangirl Monthly themselves, and it has to be the cutest jewelry pouch I have seen and got.

Inside the jewelry pouch, our first item was MAKOTO KINO AKA SAILOR JUPITER'S ROSE STUD EARRINGS, sadly I don't have my ears pierced but I will be storing these in my jewelry box, I have thought about giving them to someone as a present but I don't think they would get what they are referenced to, as I'm the only one among my friends that's a big Sailor Moon fan and follows it.

Next we got a CUTIE MOON ROD NECKLACE, this is really pretty and so cute on, and it fits nicely. It's really well designed and detailed, and I don't think I have ever seen a prettier version in necklace form.
Moon Princess Halation

Our next item is a CRESCENT MOON & STAR ADJUSTABLE RING, because I have small hands I find it hard to find rings that will fit properly on my fingers, but this one I didn't even have to adjust to make it fit me. It is a bonus though that it's adjustable for anyone who has smaller or larger fingers.

Sadly we are now onto our final item from the box, which personally for me was my favourite item and the most breathtaking out of them all. This item came in 2 variations and we were all sent one at random in our box, after seeing the 2 variations I have to say the one I got is the best. We got a SAILOR MOON BROOCH POCKET WATCH, the one I got is her first transformation brooch. The batteries were included as I could hear it ticking away, once I figured how I got it open, my jaw dropped at how even more stunning and breathtaking it is. On the inside it has a gorgeous outline of Usagi as Princess Serenity, which is all outline in gold on a black background making it all stand out.

It's now time to get into all the business side of the Fangirl Monthly subscription box, whatever month you subscribe, as long as it's before the deadline you will get that months box, if it's after the deadline you will receive the next months box. Each box comes with 3-5 anime and manga inspired jewelry, accessories and goodies from a selected series each month. You get the choice of what term of what subscription plan you would like, there's a 6 month plan which is $102/£83.69 and renews every 6 months until you cancel, there is a 3 month plan which is $52.50/£43.08 and renews every 3 months until you cancel, and finally there is a monthly plan which is the plan I am on, which is $18/£14.77 and renews every month until you cancel. You are able to skip any of the months boxes if you need to for any reason. These boxes do not include shipping and each shipping price varies for where they are shipping to, I pay £24.81 a month which is including shipping. If you are interested in subscribing or fancy checking them out then you can head over to the Fangirl Monthly website.

For their first box they really hit the ball out of the park, I can't wait for my next box. You can still purchase the complete Sailor Moon box but they only have a limited supply left.
Stay tuned for the November box which is Pokemon themed.

I hope you have a fangirl/boy month.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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