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Tiffany - I Just Wanna Dance

Ni Hao

As I mentioned in an earlier post this post was put on hold till all the bad press for Tiffany had slowly lowered, she has since apologised twice for her mistake and has recently gone back into the public eye performing with the rest of Girls Generation. The reason why I postponed my post was because I didn't want to add fuel to the fire by promoting her when she had took a step back, I don't really want to mention and talk about Tiffany's controversy but I felt like as a fan I also had to take a step back and let her reflect on something that could have really destroyed her career and hard work. Feel free to read up on her controversy, I can only hope that she will eventually be fully forgiven and her smile will fully return.

On May 4th of this year(2016) SM Entertainment announced that Tiffany would be making her solo debut, and just 5 days later a teaser was released revealing her debut track to be titled I Just Wanna Dance.
Owned by SM Entertainment
The next day on the 10th of May the MV for I Just Wanna Dance was released showing a new side to Tiffany.
Owned by SM Entertainment
Her first mini album I Just Wanna Dance was released the 11th of May, Tiffany started promotions on M Countdown on May 12th, a majority of the good feedback Tiffany received was internationally leading to an English remix of the track being released by South Korean music producer Kago Pengachi on May 23rd.
Owned by SM Entertainment and Kago Pengachi
Joey Nolfi from Entertainment Weekly listed I Just Wanna Dance as 1 of the 6 tracks you should be listening to during the month of May.
Tiffany participated on the making of her album by writing and composing the track What Do I Do, she originally did the track in English and the English version is only available on digital downloads of the album, a Korean version appears on her album with the lyrics being penned by Girls Generation band mate SooYoung. Tiffany stated that she had a fan-girl moment when she found out that her favourite track Talk was written and composed by Girls Aloud member Nicola Roberts.

Tiffany then started a countdown for a song called Heartbreak Hotel, which SM released the MV teaser for on June 6th and was revealed to feature Simon Dominic.
Owned by SM Entertainment
June 9th SM released the MV for Heartbreak Hotel.
Owned by SM Entertainment

Heartbreak Hotel was meant to be included on her mini album but it's release was pushed back and released through SM Entertainments new project SM Station. In an interview Tiffany explained that Heartbreak Hotel was meant to be a prequel track to I Just Wanna Dance. Tiffany promoted her album throughout June through her solo concerts titled Weekend, there were even concert ticket packages for international fans.

I Just Wanna Dance charted in South Korea, Japan and America with it peaking at No.3 on the Gaon Albums Chart, No.41 on the Oricon Albums Chart, No.3 on the Billboard World Albums Chart and No.10 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart.

Following the same book style case as TaeYeon's I mini album, the album is a peach/pink colour, all Sones know that Tiffany is the pink princess so it's no surprise we got that included with the colour theme. Tiffany may not have been involved with the fashion side of the album but I think it shows her personality and gives off her American girl persona, with some of the pictures also giving off a Britney Spears feel. I love all the styling for this mini album, I love that the pictures give off the feel that she really enjoyed what she was doing plus we get to see her famous eye smile.

Track List:
I Just Wanna Dance
What Do I Do
Yellow Light
Once in a Lifetime.

I love that with this mini album Tiffany went with what she likes and not what was popular, it gives it more of a personal feel, which is why I think many questioned whether What Do I Do was about her feelings for 2pm's Nichkhun. If I'm completely honest with you all when I first heard the English version of What Do I Do I cried as I felt she'd released a song that was speaking for me at that time and is now one of my favourite songs off her album, I felt prouder knowing that it was her song, her feelings penned into a beautiful track. It's a shame that Heartbreak Hotel never made it on the album as I really love that song. 



What Do I Do (Korean)
By MBCkpop 

Yellow Light

Once in a Lifetime

What Do I Do (English)

Heartbreak Hotel & I Just Wanna Dance
By KBSKpop

Tiffany can get a lot of hate for her vocals but I love how she sings, she's got a gorgeous voice and I hope I don't have to wait long to keep hearing it again, this album pretty much got a love or hate response but I think that's because they were expecting a bright pink bubblegum pop style of song but instead got an American retro sounding album, I think fans sometimes forget that what an artists releases is always necessarily what the artist likes themselves, I think a goof example for that would be TaeYeon with Gee, she wasn't a fan of the track but it became their most famous track to date and got Girls Generation known worldwide.

What did you think to Tiffany's solo debut?
What's your favourite track?
Let me know in the comments below.
All I ask is any hateful comments not be left being hateful towards her or me won't change what's happened.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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