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MISHIBOX: September Unboxing & Review

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It's time to get into September's MISHIBOX!

 First out of the box is the usual face mask and this time we have a THANKYOU FARMER COTTON MASK, we were sent these masks at random as you can either get the true water deep cotton mask or the miracle age repair cotton mask. The true water deep cotton mask is soaked in a rich and deeply-hydrating serum that provides intense hydration, brightening and anti-wrinkle benefits, it also cools and calms irritated skin. The miracle age repair cotton mask is soaked in a rich nourishing serum that provides intense nourishing, brightening and anti-wrinkle benefits, it also improves the skins radiance and vitality. Both of these masks come from a cruelty-free brand called Thankyou Farmer.
How To Use - After cleanser and toner, place on face for 10-20 minutes. Remove mask and gently pat for absorption
This mask was pretty easy to put on compared to all the others as it was thicker and placed on my face better, but that could also be because this mask seemed a lot smaller than other masks I've used from MISHIBOX. I got the miracle age repair cotton mask and it smelt really nice and even though the card says the mask is soaked, it's not soaked to the point the serum was dripping off. I left the mask on for 20 minutes to let the serum soak into my skin and when I took the mask off it was pretty dry, so I think my skin needed it, it definitely felt a lot more nourished and moisturised.
Retail Price: $5/£4.09
Rate 5/5

Our next item is PROUD MARY TRIPLE WATERZONE HYDRO BOOSTER SERUM, on the info card it states that this product has three kinds of beneficial waters including sparkling water from Italy, deep ocean water from Gangwon, and glacial milk from Iceland, that are combined to help deliver moisture and minerals deeply into the skin. The serum is meant to help optimise moisture balance and help bring about a moisturised and radiant look with it's herbal complex of 9 herbal ingredients.
How To Use - After your cleanser and toner, apply the serum evenly onto your face with a gentle patting motion.
 We received a mini size of this item and that's the only thing I'm disappointed by as I wasn't able to get much use out of it for testing it. My skin looked and felt much healthier after using this serum, it left mt skin feeling moisturised too, I'd definitely order the full size it I can find it, I'd really recommend it too.
Retail Price: $5/£4.09
Rate 5/5

Next up we have PROUD MARY TRIPLE WATERZONE MOIST EX EYE CREAM, this is from the same triple waterzone line, the eye cream is formulated with the same beneficial waters and herbal complex to help replenish tired and dry skin around the eyes with moisture. It includes marine collagen to keep your skin moist and elastic, and olive oil to improve the skin's elasticity and nutrition.
How To Use - After the serum, apply eye cream around the eyes with a gentle patting motion using your ring fingers.
 I didn't really like the texture for this eye cream, the only way I can describe it is that it was like snot and also felt rubbery. It seemed to melt when you applied it but sadly I don't think it's a product that I would like to keep using in the future. I will continue to use the mini size that we received to see if my opinion on the product changes.
Retail Price: $5/£4.09
Rate 2/5

 This is another item that was randomly selected and sent between 2 choices, SAM & SEAN CLAY MASK, the ghassoul clay mask and white clay mask are clay masks that are designed to target specific skincare problems. The ghassoul clay mask is made with Moroccan ghassoul clay, which has strong absorptive power to remove sebum, dead skin cells, and impurities from the skin. It is also formulated with various natural minerals to help soften the skin, and tea tree extract and centella asiatica extract to help calm acne and tighten pores. The white clay mask is made with a combination of white clay and various natural extracts including raspberry, tumeric, mulberry root, and lotus to target blackheads and whiteheads, controls excess oil and provides a brightening effect.
How To Use - After your cleanser and toner, apply evenly onto your face while avoiding the eye and lip areas. After the pack has dried (about 5-10 minutes), gently rinse with warm water. Use 1-3 times per week as needed.
I got the ghassoul clay mask and I will definitely continue to use this clay mask as you can see in the picture that the shine on my T-zone has completely gone, and my skin looks a lot brighter and fresher, since using this clay mask, I've not really found any spots forming on my face. I would like to invest in the white clay mask too as I think my skin would benefit from using both of them. This is another MISHIBOX product that I would highly recommend for people to try out for themselves. It may be messy to apply and remove but the end result is really worth it.
Retail Price: $20/£16.37
Rate 5/5

Our final item from the September box is MCC WATERBEAM GLOW LIPSTICK, the info card says great for the drier and colder season, this is a high moisture lipstick that gently melts onto your lips with a glistening pigment like shining water. It is also formulated with mango and Shea butter to help keep your lips moisturised.
How To Use - Follow your lip lines and apply onto clean lips. Apply heavily on inner side and lightly on on outer edges for a gradient look. Reapply for a more moist look.
This is my favourite product from the box, it literally does as it says and melts onto your lips as you apply, it applies really smoothly and leaves your lips not only looking pretty and colourful, it also leaves them looking and feeling moisturised. I love using lipsticks and even though it doesn't last all day that I like my lipsticks to, you don't have to constantly reapply. I wore it recently to my cousins wedding and only had to reapply a couple of times. The lipstick is available in 6 different colours: calming rose, lace coral, viva pink, cherry dew, raisin berry and mandarine some. We got a colour sent at random and I got calming rose but I would love to get all the other colours. I really love using this make up brand and can't wait to try more from them.
Retail Price: $18/£14.73
Rate 5/5

Now it's time to get down to the business side of the MISHIBOX, it seems that they no longer off different subscription offers as the only one available now on the website is the monthly recurring subscription which is $19.95/£16.33 a month, this does not include the shipping fee which for the UK is $5.95. I pay £20 a month including shipping for my box and i'm sure you can see from the products you get it's really worth the investment even with the extra charges for the box from my bank it's still a worthwhile subscription. You really get more than your moneys worth from the box, these boxes are extremely popular and sell out really fast so if you interested I would suggest being quick to avoid disappoint.

If you have liked what you have seen in this post then head to the MISHIBOX website.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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