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Jessica Returns: With Love, J

Ni Hao

Jessica Jung made her return this year back to the music industry, since her removal from Girls Generation back in September 2014, when her contract came up for renewal with SM Entertainment she chose to leave and start fresh with a new company called Coridel Entertainment. February this year(2016) is when her return was announced, a couple of months later in April it was announced that Jessica would release her first mini album in May. On the 30th of April Coridel Entertainment released the track list for her mini album and revealed the title track to be called Fly and would feature American rapper Fabolous.

On the 2nd of May Coridel released the 1st teaser for Fly.
Owned by Coridel Entertainment
On the 5th of May the 2nd Fly teaser was released.
Owned by Coridel Entertainment
On the 11th of May a teaser was released for another new song called Love Me The Same.
Owned by Coridel Entertainment
On the 16th of May the MV for Fly was finally released.
Owned by Coridel Entertainment
On the 17th of May Jessica finally made her return with the release of her mini album With Love, J. A mini album that she had created to thank her fans that had been with her the past 2 years since leaving Girls Generation.
The 18th of May a new MV was released for Love Me The Same.
Owned by Coridel Entertainment
Within 24 hours of it's release the MV for fly have gained over 2 million views, Coridel also had to produce additional copies of her mini album when the first 60,000 copies had sold out just one day prior to the albums release, in other words Jessica's mini album had sold out with just pre orders.

Over a week after the mini albums release, With Love, J got another release on the 27th of May, when an English version was released digitally. The English release included 5 of the songs from the original release, excluding Dear Diary.
Jessica wrote 4 out of the 6 tracks on the mini album, 3 of which she also co-composed on. Jessica wrote and co-composed Fly, Love Me The Same and Golden Sky and wrote the lyrics for Falling Crazy in Love.
Even though Jessica never officially promoted her single or mini album through music shows, she still saw chart success, peaking at No.1 on the Gaon Albums Chart, No.34 on the Oricon Albums Chart, No.4 on the Billboard World Albums Chart and No.16 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart.

Jessica's mini album is set out in a book style case and placed within a box, it's all brightly coloured and has such beautiful pictures throughout. There is no way Jessica didn't have any say on how any of this album was set out as everything about it screams gift, which Jessica has always said that this was a gift and a thank you to her fans, even with her tracks you can hear her singing to her fans about her journey and how they guided her, I thought Fabolous' rap was a perfect fit with Fly.
You should’ve never doubted yourself
Matter of fact you should be proud of yourself
‘Cause you had to find a way go about it yourself
Nobody gave you direction had to route it yourself
And you never got lost losing’s not an option
No time for L’s no time to fail.

Track List:
Big Mini World
Falling Crazy in Love
Love Me The Same
Golden Sky
Dear Diary

I love how this album is laid out and has Jessica's personal touch with her handwritten English lyrics written throughout the booklet, the styling even screams Jessica as all the outfits look like things she would personally wear on a day to day basis. I love each track on the album but I have to say my main favourite is Golden Sky, when I first heard the English version I cried because for me at that time I could say that the lyrics resembled my friends helping and being there for me. Even though I don't tend to like doing this and always limit the songs I share, I am going to share with you both the Korean and English versions of the tracks.

Big Mini World (Korean)
By Helsa

Big Mini World (English)

Falling Crazy in Love (Korean)

Falling Crazy in Love (English)

Dear Diary

Love Me The Same (Korean)

Love Me The Same (English)

Golden Sky (Korean)
By Helsa

Golden Sky (English)

Fly (Korean)
By Jung Su 

Fly (English)

I hope that even if you're not really a K-pop fan the English versions will keep you intrigued and if rumours are to be believed Jessica is preparing for her latest album, I think the exciting part is are we getting another mini album or a full length album this time. I'm sure like many other fans I am anticipating the return of our Ice Princess and hopefully she will officially promote this comeback and get some music show awards. Many made comments on how both Jessica and Tiffany released music around the same time, both going down their own styles of interest and whether she just said it to keep negative air away, I loved that Jessica said that Tiffany's first solo release wasn't to be compared with hers as they were different and that she was watching Tiffany in her release. Whether there are members she no longer talks to I think she still stands in the shadows and watches them shine individually as well as a group.

What's your favourite track from With Love, J?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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