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GOT7 - Identify!

Ni Hao

It's time to welcome back GOT7 and the next 2 weeks will also be GOT7 posts as we conclude with their latest Korean album release. I realised that while I was doing my past GOT7 posts I forgot one album to share with you so we're heading back to their debut year in 2014.

Identify is GOT7's first full length album which was released towards the end of 2014, like past releases more than 1 teaser was released for the MV and was revealed that the title track from the album would be 하지하지마(Stop Stop It). On the 10th of November the first teaser for 하지하지마(Stop Stop It) was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the 11th of November the 2nd teaser was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the 12th of November the 3rd teaser was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
Finally on the 13th of November the 4th and final teaser was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the 15th of November the 1st Album Identify Spoiler was released.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
The MV for하지하지마(Stop Stop It) was released the next day on the 16th of November.
Owned by JYP Entertainment

Their 1st full length album Identify was released on the 18th of November 2014 and was released in 2 versions an original version and a close-up version both versions have the same track list but include different pictures through the booklet. Jackson co-wrote the raps on 2 of the tracks which were 그냥 오늘 밤(Just Tonight) and 달빚(Moonlight), the album also includes their first 2 singles Girls Girls Girls and A.
하지하지마(Stop Stop It) peaked at No.25 on the Gaon Singles Chart, Identify did better than the single in the charts, peaking at No.1 on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart, No.2 on the Gaon Monthly Albums Chart and No.6 on the Billboard World Albums Chart.
Identify beat both Got It? and Got Love in the Gaon Physical Sales department and still continues to sell copies.
2014 - 70,928
2015 - 14,406
2016 - 4,191+
Totalling 89,525+ copies sold so far.
하지하지마(Stop Stop It) MV has a total of 31,337,740 views so far

Both versions of Identify are set out in a rectangular hardback book style case, the close-up version is white while the original version is black, both versions also come in a slipcase the same colour as the album case. The pictures in both booklets differ slightly with some of the pictures in the close-up version being a close-up picture from the original version. The concept continues from their 하지하지마(Stop Stop It) concept, I have the original version but I am at some point going to get the close-up version as well.

Track List:
하지하지마(Stop Stop It)
손이 가(Take My Hand)
너란 Girl(Magnetic)
그냥 오늘 밤(Just Tonight)
볼륨을 올려줘(Turn Up the Volume)
그대로 있어도 돼(Stay)
She's A Monster
Girls Girls Girls

While I love GOT7 I think this has to be their weakest comeback and album out of all their releases the past 2 years, I can listen to 하지하지마(Stop Stop It) but it's not one of their tracks that I choose to put on and listen to, I personally think that JYP made a mistake with this comeback and concept with even some of the members looking back and regretting this era of their career. Personally for me and I'm sure some IGOT7 will disagree and hate on me for this but I personally think the 하지하지마(Stop Stop It) concept looks cheap and tacky to me and  makes them look like they are trying too hard when they don't need to, when I look through all of their concepts there isn't a concept or style from these guys that I dislike apart from this one. This is just my own personal opinion and I in no way want to take away from the hard work these guys put in for this release but for me this is my least favourite album, but HEY every artist has to have at least one weak release in their discography otherwise they can't improve. Check out some of the tracks below to make your own opinion.

She's A Monster
I'll be your master any day Mark
By jjunieo

너란 Girl(Magnetic)

그냥 오늘 밤(Just Tonight)


하지하지마(Stop Stop It)

I can't wait to share their latest album with you and can honestly say it will be hard choosing songs to share with you for that one. It's only been a few months that I've been into GOT7 but they are at the top of my list with VIXX for favourite male group that continues to work hard everyday.

What's your favourite track from Identify?
What did you think to this concept?
Do you share my opinion on this comeback?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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