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GOT7 - Flight Log: Departure

Ni Hao

I'm back with another GOT7 K-pop Monday as we're getting closer to their latest Korean release which I will be posting about next week, Flight Log: Departure is GOT7's 5th mini album and what seems to be the start of a series of releases.

On the 12th of March this year(2016) a trailer was released on the JYP official YouTube channel as a teaser for their comeback titled Flight Log: Departure, the trailer had snippets of music which were later to be revealed were some of the tracks off their new mini album.
Owned by JYP Entertainment
On the 17th of March the teaser was released for their title track Fly.
Owned by JYP Entertainment 
The next day on the 18th of March the Flight Log: Departure Album Spoiler was released.
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The Fly MV was finally released on the 20th of March.
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There's been a few fan theories for story behind the trailer and Fly MV, with one saying that at some point during the trailer the van that the boys are in crashed causing all the boys to be hospitalized and in critical condition. Both the trailer and music video follow Jinyoung in the aftermath of the crash, causing many to believe that we are seeing Jinyoung's subconscious, making him believe he is still awake and with his members. All the members apart from Jinyoung seem to be able to fly which some believe that this symbolises who is between life and death, Jackson is eventually shown to stop flying hinting that he has regained consciousness, while Mark, JB, Youngjae, BamBam and Yugeyeom are still shown to be flying meaning they are still fighting to survive. Throughout both the trailer and MV we also see Jackson filming which shows the timer on the recording counting and frozen at 1 specific time hinting that the stopped timer is when the crash occured. Not wanting to leave his members Jinyoung jumps from the top of a building in his attempt to fly, but fails and seems to be falling to his death, which as some may have witnessed themselves, waking up from a dream just before you die, Jinyoung is seen to wake up in what seems to be a hospital bed.

March 21st saw the release of their 5th mini album, Flight Log: Departure, the mini album contains 8 tracks, 6 of which the members participated in the creation of.
JB aka Defsoul co-wrote and composed Fish and Home Run, which was another track the group used to promote the album.
JB(Defsoul) and BamBam wrote Something Good, while JB co-composed the track.
Jinyoung and Mark wrote 못하겠어(Can't) while Jinyoung co-composed the track.
Yugyeom, Mark and BamBam co-wrote 빛이나(See the Light), while Yugyeom and Mark co-composed the track.
Youngjae aka ARS co-wrote and composed Rewind.

Fly peaked at No.9 on the Gaon Digital Chart, Fly is also their most successful when it comes to music shows with the group winning 5 music show awards, beating their 3 wins for If You Do.
Fly 2nd win, Markson (Mark & Jackson) tears.
Flight Log: Departure peaked at No.1 on the Gaon Weekly Albums Chart, No.1 on the Gaon Monthly Albums Chart and No.2 on the Billboard Heatseekers Albums Chart.
Gaon Physical Sales:
In terms of sales Flight Log: Departure is their most successful album to be released, while the Fly MV has 31,497,734+ views.

Flight Log: Departure was released in 2 versions: Rose-Quartz version and Serenity version, both versions contain the same track list and are set out the same way, but they both differ with pictures. It's set out different from other albums I have bought, with it the CD being separated from the booklet and all being kept together with with a clear slipcase which depending on the version you get has either the members or clouds on.

Track List:
빛이나(See the Light)
Beggin On My Knees
Something Good
Home Run

 Rose Quartz Version

 Serenity Version


This was my 2nd GOT7 album purchase and I have both version, if I had to pick a favourite or to help someone that could only get 1, I would say the Serenity version is the best. I love the pictures in it, as if they are defying gravity. The colours throughout both versions are really pretty and I love how in each version you get a card that's designed like a boarding card. Out of all their albums this one has to be my 2nd favourite in terms of layout, I always get these albums out to have a nosey through the pictures. The track list is always really good and fits the album, showing more of GOT7 and how they are growing as a group. Check out some of my favourite tracks below.



Beggin On My Knees

Home Run
By MBCkpop


I thought I'd also share a special stage of the group, this got me more into the group even though they are just covering another song, sadly JB was absent due to an injury.
This Love (Shinhwa)

I hope you check out the rest of the mini album as all the album is really good and see how versatile the album is.

Which version of Departure do you have?
What's your favourite track?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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