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Manga Madness: Vampire Knight

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This manga post has been waiting a long to be done, it's been constantly moved around my planner but I've finally put finger to keyboard and wrote it.

Vampire Knight is a manga written by Matsuri Hino, the Vampire Knight series premiered in LaLa magazine back in January 2005 and after 93 chapters and 19 volumes it came to an end on may 24th 2013.
The series is licensed in English by Viz Media and has been made in an anime that was 2 seasons long named Vampire Knight and Vampire Knight Guilty. Vampire Knight also branched out into other products. the series has 2 drama Cd's, a dating simulator, a fan book, an illustration book and has had it's own live-action musical adaptation, you could say it's done pretty well for itself. A few years after it's completion Hino announced that there would be a spin off series titled Vampire Knight Memories that would start in June 2016. The spin off series follows Kaname living with his daughter and Zero's son and has flashbacks of Yuki and Zero's relationship, if you haven't read the manga before I can feel you thinking what actually happens?

The series follows Yuki Cross who is the adopted daughter of Kaien Cross, the headmaster of Cross Academy, she and childhood friend Zero Kiryu protect the students that attend the day classes at Cross Academy from the students of the night classes. The students of the night classes are in fact vampires and their leader is pure blood vampire Kaname Kuran. Yuki has known Kaname since she was a young child after he saved her from a rogue vampire that tried to attack her and in turn took her to Kaien Cross. Yuki has no memories before that incident and wonders why, she also has a crush on Kaname, Kaname in turn also has dear feelings towards Yuki and often protects and warns others from her. Zero grew up living with both Yuki and Kaien Cross after his family was murdered by a vampire and since then has despised all vampires including the night class students. There's  a twist within this tale as what will Zero do when he becomes the creature he so despises and falls in love with Yuki and his desire to protect her. Yuki in turns fights with her all to protect Zero, even allowing him to feed off her. What will Yuki do when she regains her missing memories? Will she end up with Kaname or Zero?

Growing up I've always been intrigued with Vampire movies and learning about Dracula, so when I found this manga I thought I'd give it a shot and bought the first 5 volumes. When I started reading this manga I struggled to put it down and in turn competed it within 24 hours. I'm so glad that it was on my manga app otherwise I don't know what I would have done. Even though overall I do love this series as it had my heart racing and excited throughout, like many other readers I felt the ending was a little flat and personally to me it seemed that Hino herself struggled with how she should end the series. I think both Kaname and Zero both had an equal fan following with fans either wanting Yuki to end up Kaname or Zero. In fact Yuki at some point ended up being with both of them (not at the same time, tut what are you thinking). To be honest even I struggled with who I wanted her to end up with, I think both Zero and Kaname were both well written making it hard for me to choose. I can't wait to start reading the new spin off series which personally I think Hino has created to answer many of her fans unanswered questions and I'm curious to see how Kaname takes to living as a human. I think it really is an amazing series and I remember feeling like I'd seen a celebrity when I walked past someone in cosplay as Yuki. I've said in past posts that I love material that brings you into the story and keeps you within it even after finishing. Personally for me a good story is when you have to take a moment at the end to process everything before being able to start any new stories.

Have you read Vampire Knight?
Who did you want Yuki to end up with?
How did your feel about the ending?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

Zai Jian

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