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Manga Madness: QQ Sweeper

An nyeoung
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Hey everyone, not only is this my first manga post since returning from my hiatus, it's also my first manga post of 2016, my last being back in October 2015 when I shared with you the side manga following Levi titled No Regrets. I was going to follow my plan from when I stopped posting but decided to share with you a manga that I recently found: QQ Sweeper.

I've been reading a lot of manga on my Manga Rock app where I came across Dengeki Daisy - we'll leave this one for a future post and continue with the above manga. QQ Sweeper is written and illustrated by mangaka Kyousuke Motomi who also created Dengeki Daisy which is mentioned on the back of the QQ Sweeper volumes causing me to purchase QQ Sweeper. The original run for QQ Sweeper was 13th March 2014- 13th May 2015 with only 3 volumes being released, 5 months later saw the first volume get an English release on October 6th, the second volume was released 2nd February 2016 and the final volume released 7th June 2016.
At then end of volume 3 Motomi explained that for certain reasons that QQ Sweeper had ended but the story would continue under a new series titled Queen's Quality, which sadly for me is yet to get and English release.

QQ Sweeper follows a homeless girl named Fumi Nishioka whose main goal in her life is to find her prince charming and to marry into a wealthy family, she meets school mate Kyutaro Horikita who everyone at school stays away from claiming he is strange and only cares about cleaning, unknown to them Kyutaro also known as Q is a sweeper. A sweeper is someone who fights and exorcises malevolent spirits created by troubled minds. This is shown by stating that a person is cursed or infested and are seen to have dark bugs attached to them. Fumi is taken in by the school's headmaster and starts training under Kyutaro to become a sweeper.

Even though QQ Sweeper is short I can't wait to continue the story under Queen's Quality, like most manga's I read I tend to want the main characters to end up together, to me so far it seems that the obvious route is that they will end up together. It's been criticised for focusing on both Fumi's and Kyutaro's past and present, but I love that I get to know about them both to see how their story will unfold. I love the artwork throughout the volumes and love the design for both Fumi and Kyutaro. QQ Sweeper kept me hooked from the first volume all the way through the end of volume 3 and I hope I don't have to wait long to continue the story in Queen's Quality. I don't really want to give much of the story away for anyone that wants to read the manga but I'm curious to know if Fumi remembers she is Fuyu and remember meeting Kyutaro 10 years earlier before disappearing and I'm curious whether Fumi will use the Queen's power for good or for bad, I'm hoping she goes down the route of for good and ends up happily ever after with Kyutaro but right now it could go either way and she could be manipulated to go against him and go down the route of for bad.

Have you read QQ Sweeper?
What were your thoughts?
Do you want to read it?

Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

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