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Vixx: Voodoo - The First Album

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I was going to wait a few weeks before I posted about these guys but to be honest I've really gotten into them so I couldn't wait. At this moment in time there are 3 groups fighting for the no.1 spot for my favourite Korean male group (Girls Generation will forever be my no.1 girl group with and without Jessica), they are: SHINee, BTS and VIXX. The main thing I love about these 3 groups is that they all have a hand in their own music, whether it be lyrics, music or concept and that makes me enjoy and appreciate their music so much more, well enough of me swooning over these groups let me introduce you to REAL V V.I.X.X VIXX!

VIXX are a 6 member male group containing members: N, Leo, Ken, Ravi, Hongbin and Hyuk. They are signed under Jellyfish Entertainment and all 6 members participated in Mnet's survival reality show MyDol where the viewers through the process of elimination selected who would be members in a new 6 member group, the viewers also voted on the groups name.
VIXX are known as a concept/performance group whose music, lyrics, choreography and overall stage performance are crafted together to tell a story.
VIXX made their debut in 2012 with a song called Super Hero, this song is also on this album, but lest jump straight to 2013. On the 7th of November 2013 an MV was released as a pre-release single for their first full length album Voodoo, the track was called 대답은 너니까(Only U), I think this song perfectly showcases all their vocals beautifully, it's a sad love song that while meeting someone new all they say, think and want is the girl they've lost the title of the song translates as Because You're The Answer.
Click HERE for the MV
(Only U)
By MBCkpop

On the 14th of November two teasers were released for their title track Voodoo Doll, the second of the teasers was given an R rating showing graphic scene's to their dark concept.
Teaser 1

Check out Teaser 2 HERE there is a content warning.
A few days later on the 19th of November the MV for Voodoo Doll was released, because of disturbing imagery and violence, both the music video and the choreography were called into question and censored, with the MV failing to meet regulation and given an R rating, meaning a clean version was created and released on the 24th of November. The reason I'm revealing this before the MV's is so you the viewer can decide on which version you would like to view, I personally recommend the original video as you don't get the full experience of what the song is about with the clean version plus you don't get my favourite scenes in the clean version which is where at certain points of the song they 'stab' one another with a staff symbolising themselves as voodoo dolls, I love the effects at these parts especially the first with Ken and N.
Voodoo Doll (Rated R)
I was unable to find the original without lyrics.
By KSubsXX

Voodoo Doll (Clean Version)

The choreography was modified for music shows removing the stabbing sections.
Voodoo Doll peaked at No.7 on the Gaon Singles Chart and No.53 on Billboard's K-pop Hot 100 Chart. Voodoo Doll also got them their first music show win since their debut.
Leo is the one on the floor sobbing with EXO'S D.O. comforting him
By withVIXX

The album was physically and digitally released on November 25th, the concept for the album followed the same route as the Voodoo Doll MV, with each member having their own individual shots in their Voodoo Doll styling. I love the pictures for this album and so for this is my favourite concept from them.

Track List:
Beautiful Killer
대답은 너니까
Secret Night
Say U Say Me
오늘부터 내 여자
태어나줘서 고마워
Rock Ur Body
다칠 준비가 돼 있어

The main Rapper of the group Ravi also participated in writing lyrics for some of the tracks on the album: Beautiful Killer, Someday, Only U and Say U Say Me. He also wrote the raps for Super Hero, On and On and Hyde, he also wrote the lyrics and composed the music for Secret Night. Ravi continues to write and compose for the group. I think when even just one member writes for the group it makes the songs that more personal for the fans.

I personally think this album is amazing from start to finish and is so far my favourite VIXX album I own and it's rarely out of my CD player, even the instrumental of Voodoo Doll is amazing, but I want to share with you 6 songs that I think would wet your appetite and possibly search for more VIXX songs.

Voodoo Doll
By TV-People

By VIXX Music for Starlights

Say U Say Me
By Ellen엘렌

Beautiful Killer
By K-pop Subs- Requests

Super Hero
By K-pop Subs- Requests

On and On
By kimoi21200

VIXX are a group I would love to see perform live so I could only hope that one day they get to do a show in the UK, not holding my breath though.

Have VIXX entered your interests?
Which version of Voodoo Doll did you watch?
Let me know in the comments below.

See you soon!

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