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MISHIBOX: February Unboxing & Reiew

An nyeoung
Ni hao

It's that time again to share with you my unboxing and review for my Korean beauty subscription box: MISHOBOX, so far none of these boxes have been any sort of a let down and again I must say how much better my skin has been and felt since I started using these products (no wonder Korean idols have such amazing skin), shall I show you what I got in this box?

The well known MISHIBOX box.

As you may have noticed each time I open the box there's different coloured tissue paper hiding all the products from view, this month we had red.

Each month we also get an info card which I may be wrong but I think they layout has been changed as its smooth and glossy on one side and rough on the other.

First up we have a Tony Moly I'm Real Mask Sheet, this mask was randomly selected from a choice of 11 different ingredients and benefits. This series of 3-layer pulp sheet masks are soaked in a water type, emulsion type, or milky-liquid type essence depending on the mask, each is aimed at targeting specific skin concerns. The benefits are: Lemon-Brightening, Tea Tree-Soothing, Tomato-Glowing, Aloe-Moisturising, Pomegranate-Firming, Red Wine-Pore Care, Seaweeds-Cleansing, Broccoli-Vitality, Rice-Transparent Skin, Avocado-Nourishment and Makgeoli-Purification.
How To Use - After cleansing your face, pat dry. Apply the sheet mask over your face. Remove after 20-3- minutes. Gently pat any remaining essence onto your skin to help with absorption.
I got the Rice Mask Sheet and it smelt really good, I kept the mask sheet on for 20 minutes, again it was easy to apply and didn't leave much excess essence for me to pat away, my skin was left feeling soft and smooth. Definitely a mask I would purchase and use again.
Retail Price: $3/£1.40
Rate 5/5

Next up we have the Purederm Exfoliating Foot Mask, this "sock-type" exfoliating mask peels calluses and dead skin cells from your feet in just two weeks. the "sock" prevents loss of moisture from your feet and helps care for chapped heels or dead skin cells on the soles of your feet. Dead skin cells start peeling away after 4-7 days after use.
How To Use - Use scissors to cut open package along the dotted line. Cleanse feet then wear mask on feet. Remove after 60-90 minutes and rinse feet in warm water. Do not walk around while wearing the socks to avoid slipping. Do not pick calluses when they start peeling.
I've always had trouble with dry skin on the heels and soles of my feet so I couldn't wait to give this one a try. I kept the "socks" on for 60 minutes and they are more like plastic bootee's than socks, the smell also reminded me of nail polish remover. I did have to walk in mine as I had to go from my bedroom to the bathroom to remove them, they are not easy to walk in either as they were rather big on my feet. About 4-7 days later I noticed that the dry skin was peeling away from my feet leaving the soles and heels of my feet feeling a lot smoother, this is something that for myself I would use at least once a month to maintain the softness of my feet. I just disliked how messy my feet felt during the process after (dry skin peeling away).
Retail Price: $7/£4.21
Rate 5/5

Next up we have the Half Moon Eyes Super Smart Mask Pack Pink Family, this wash-off face mask was featured in Vogue Korea and eliminates sebum and impurities from pores. It's formulated with dragon fruit extract for pore tightening, snail slime extract for hydration and skin texture smoothing, swiftlet nest extract for comforting skin from external irritations, jeju canola honey extract for strengthening and moisturising skin, carbonated mineral water for cooling and firming skin and dragon fruit exfoliating particles to keep skin healthy and glowing.
How To Use - After cleanser and toner, apply mask thoroughly on face while avoiding eyes and mouth. Do not break particles when applying. Leave on for 10 minutes until colour lightens and enjoy tingling sensation while drying. Wash off with warm water and break the particles with a circular massaging motion.
This mask pack was easy to apply and pretty easy to remove, I didn't feel any tingling sensation when the mask was drying but my skin did feel stiff when it had dried. My skin was left feeling soft and smooth but a few minutes later my face felt hot (not to the touch though) and sore, my face did go red where the mask had been, meaning I possibly had a reaction which is a shame as the mask in general was really good. the mask was really thick when applying but that makes it easier to spread around the face and it smelt stunning and it was such a pretty colour. Sadly I don't think this will be a product I will use again.
Retail Price: $3/£2.10
Rate 3/5

Next we have the Mother+Made Eye Capsule, these eye masks are conveniently packaged so you can use them anywhere! They are available in 3 options with different benefits, we received them at random. The aqua relax hydrates and relaxes skin around the eyes, The multi-active moisturises, smooths and firms skin around the eyes. The snow shining brightens, nourishes and moisturises the skin around the eyes.
How To Use - Peel off cover film of one of the eye capsules. Put the compressed eye mask sheet capsule into the essence. Once soaked, put wet, raised eye mask onto your closed eyes and relax for 10-15 minutes. After removing, pat any remaining essence onto the skin around your eyes to help it absorb.
I love stuff like this that as soon as you add liquid it expands (small minds), it didn't take long for the eye capsule sheet to be ready, I was dreading laying there for 15 minutes doing nothing so I stuck on my new VIXX album and relaxed to the music. Obviously this one is really easy to use and after the 15 minutes my eyes and skin around felt refreshed and I even felt more awake. I will be packing two of these for when I go to Disneyland Paris in August to use either before bed after a long day in the parks or in the mornings before going down into the parks to help me feel refreshed. A pack contains 6 of the eye capsule's and liquid so the price is definitely worth the product. I will be buying more of these and highly recommend giving them a try for yourself. I didn't have to pat much excess essence away either.
Retail Price: $12.50/£8.77
Rate 5/5

Next up we have the Verysix 6 Seconds Kissing Lip Gloss (Coral 2), this bright and vivid coral-coloured lip gloss has a delicious green grape and berry scent! It is also great for the winter as it's formulated with royal jelly, propolis, argan oil and jojoba seed oil to moisturise and smooth dry lips.
How To Use - Squeeze out lip gloss and apply evenly onto lips.(I hope you don't really need this as I would hope you would already know how to apply lip gloss).
This gloss smells so delicious that I want to eat it, I love the colour. One of the things I hate with lip gloss and lipsticks is that with some you apply, have a meal or a drink and the gloss/lipstick is gone, the thing I love about this gloss is that even after eating/drinking the colour may not remain but the gloss and moisture stays which for me is a bonus, there's nothing more frustrating then having to reapply a gloss or lipstick after every drink. I couldn't find this item on the MISHOBOX site but it is available on site's like Amazon and eBay.
Retail Price: $14/£11.22
Rate 5/5

Lastly we have the Graymelin Double Strength Eye Serum, make the skin around your eyes bright and moist with this dual functional roll-type eye serum that is effective for both anti-wrinkle and whitening. It's free from alcohol and colourants, it's great for all skin types including sensitive skin. Moisturize, relieve wrinkles, improve elasticity and brighten skin around your eyes without any stickiness.
How To Use - After your cleanser, toner and serum, but before your cream, lightly massage the skin under your eyes by rolling the roller ball back and forth. Lightly tap the serum onto your skin with your fingertips to help with absorption.
I've started using this before applying my moisturiser and make-up as my eyes can water a lot when outside and the skin around my eyes can get dry and sore and I've found that since using this the skin hasn't been as sore or dry, you can't really see a difference but that doesn't mean I won't use it, I'm feeling results so that's a bonus.
Retail Price: $14/£11.22
Rate 5/5

Now it's time to get down to the business side of the MISHIBOX, like most subscription services there are many options to choose from and MISHIBOX is no different. You can choose from the annual subscription box which is $239.40/£163.66 upfront so that means you can relax knowing a years worth of boxes have been paid for, a 12 month subscription box which is the same price as the above apart from this one only lasts 12 months, a 6 month subscription box which is $119.70/£81.83 and this finishes after 6 months, a 3 month subscription box which is $59.85/£40.92 which again finishes after 3 months and lastly a monthly subscription box which is $19.95/£13.64 and is a reoccurring payment each month, all boxes also have shipping fee's which even with the shipping fee the price of the box is worth it for what you get inside it. These boxes are extremely popular and sell out really fast so if you interested I would suggest being quick to avoid disappoint.
Like what you have seen in this post then head to the MISHIBOX website.

I'm excited for my next box and think even though it will arrive after I'm going to class it as a birthday present to myself.

See you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai Jian

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