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MISHIBOX: January Unboxing & Review

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Welcome back to another unboxing and review for MISHIBOX, before I delve into the box I want to say that since the December box I've been using all the products within and my skin has seriously improved within just a month, I used to get lots of dry skin and blocked pores mainly round my nose so would need to exfoliate quite a bit but since using December's MISHIBOX my skin has felt smoother and softer, no wonder Koreans always seem to have such flawless and breathtaking skin. I already have products from the December box on my shopping list.

I maybe only on my second box but I feel what I said in my last post will be true and this subscription box will not only be more financially the best subscription box I'm subscribed to but it's already making me feel more confident within my skincare routines, lets get unboxing.

The same as last month it arrives in the stunning pink company box, I grin like a cheshire cat when I see this box is sat waiting for me.

Again on opening the box the products within were practically gift wrapped with gold tissue paper with the cute MISHIBOX bunny sticker.

I succeeded this time in not ripping the paper and sticker and on first glace the products were hidden underneath 3 info cards, 1 being the main info card telling us about each item and how to use them, 1 being another in depth how to info leaflet about one of the products within the box and finally we got a little happy new year card telling us about the little extra product we got in this months box to celebrate the new year as well as how to use it.

First time in the box is the RE:CIPE Slowganic Sheet Mask, this mask was randomly selected from a choice of 5 different sheet masks with different benefits. Aloe replenishes hydration to dry skin and soothes irritated areas, Grape minimizes the appearance of wrinkles and improves elasticity, Peach improves elasticity and suppleness, Tangerine evens out uneven skin tone and lightens dark spots and Tomato gives your skin a healthy and radiant glow.
How To Use - After your cleanser and toner, apply the sheet mask onto your face. Remove after 15-20 minutes. Gently pat any remaining essence onto your skin.
I got the peach sheet mask (if you didn't figure it out from the picture) and like the last mask review it was really easy to apply minus the mask being a lot larger than my face this time round it overlapped quite a bit. The mask smelt divine and left my skin feeling smooth and refreshed and giving a more youthful glow. My only fault is that this mask was a lot more soaked than the Propolis one I used and dripped now and again from my chin but that could have been because of the bends and creases in the sheet from how I'd placed it. I definitely recommend giving this mask a try.
Retail Price: $2/£1.39
Rate 5/5

Next up we have the ettang Modelling Take-Out Cup Pack like the mask this one was randomly selected from 3 of the 10 choices they have available on the site and again each having different benefits. Peppermint moisturizes, smooths skin texture and brightens skin tone, Yogurt softens and smooths dry skin, and brightens skin tone and Propolis nourishes and soothes problematic skin.
How To Use - Remove included spatula. Pour water into the cup so that the water to powder ratio is 1 to 3(about 54 ml of water), but you can adjust thickness as preferred. Rapidly apply onto your face in order of cheek, chin, bridge of nose, and forehead. Remove the pack after 15-10 minutes. Remove any remaining residue by using a cotton pad soaked in toner.
This was really fun to make and apply it was also a little messy but I can make the easiest task into one of the most difficult, it looks like it's in a little ramen snack pot (or any other snack food pot). I LOVED it and can't wait to try out the other pots minus the Propolis as I learnt that it doesn't agree with my skin, to be honest I'm lucky that I didn't get the Propolis one again with them selected at random. I did notice a little redness round the ends of the pack but I think was because it was too thin on the edges and not applied thick enough for when it dried a bit. My face definitely feels smoother and has more colour and glow.
Retail Price: $4/£2.79
Rate 5/5

Next up we have the W-Lab Silky-Eye Primer, on the info card we are told to 'say good-bye to eyeshadow creases and hello to more vibrant colours'. The primeris formulated with cherry blossom extract to help your skin to regain it's vitality and calm the skin.
How To Use - Before applying make-up, spread a small amount of the primer onto your clean and non-oily eyelids. Pat gently to help with absorption.
I now use this every time I apply my make up, it's really easy to apply. I've only just started to apply eyeshadow again and with this eye primer, it definitely applies smoother and doesn't take as long to blend in two different colours. I definitely recommend this to all the ladies & men(K-pop stars do) that wear eyeshadow a lot and spend a while blending away the eyelid creases.
Retail Price: $15/£10.45
Rate 5/5

Next up is the Skylake Oriental Herbal Relax Toner, this toner mist is made from 100% extracted and distilled water containing eighteen different oriental herbs and is said to moisturize your skin while minimizing surface oil build-up. We received a mini sized bottle of this toner with their being 3 different sizes available.
How To Use - Spray the toner mist 2-3 times onto your face and then gently pat your skin to help it absorb. Use after cleansing, before make-up, after shaving or anytime your skin feels dry.
This is another item I now use each time I apply my make up, I'm even thinking of starting to use it on my legs as they often get really dry and itchy. My only fault with this toner is that it doesn't exactly have the best smell when you apply it, thankfully it doesn't last long and soon disappears.
Retail Price: $5/£3.48-20 ml $24/£16.71-100 ml $42/£29.25-250 ml
Rate 4/5

Next up we have the RE:CIPE Slowganic Cleanser Mini 3 Set, which is basically a tester set for the bigger individual pots of each cleanser. It's a handmade cleanser that has a low pH and hypoallergenic, the info card states that the cleansers effectively remove make-up and other impurities. All 3 of the cleansers have different benefits so that with this mini set you can see which works best for you and possibly invest in the larger tubs. Lemon improves skin complexion and texture, Green Tea soothes troubled skin, Adlay moisturizes dry and rough skin.
How To Use - With dry hands, take a small amount of the cleanser and gently massage onto your face until the make-up is removed. Wet your face with water to form bubbles, then wash off with warm water. To use as a pack, leave the cleanser on your face for a slightly longer duration before washing off.

I first tried and tested the Adlay cleasner which I was surprised and happy that it pretty much removed all of the make up I had on that day, it was easy to apply and the smell wasn't to my liking, it didn't smell bad but just wasn't for me. personally this cleanser wasn't the best for my skin, I can often suffer from dry and rough skin but sadly for me this cleanser left my skin feeling a little tight so maybe my skin isn't dry enough for this one.
Rate 3/5

Next to be tried and tested was the Green Tea cleanser, I'm a big fan of Green Tea, well drinking it anyway and this cleanser smelt divine, again it was easy to apply but this one seemed to struggle with removing some of my tougher make-up. My skin was left feeling refreshed after this one but sadly I had to re-cleanse and toner to remove the random strays of mascara, eyeliner and lipstick from around my face.
Rate 4/5

Lastly to be tried and tested was the Lemon cleanser and this one was amazing, it smelt lush and it smelt good enough to eat. This one like the other two was really easy to apply and left my face feeling soft, smooth and refreshed. This one also had no problem removing my make-up. I definitely think I will be buying the full size of this one to use every now and again and even use it as a pack to give a more deeper cleanse.
Rate 5/5
Retail Price: $7/£4.88-mini set $24/£13.93-100g

Last up from the main subscription items is the A'PIEU Color Long wear Shadow Stick this was selected at random from 2 choices, I'm not sure on what the other choice to the one I received is as I can't find it on the site and doesn't appear under it's brand. This eyeshadow is said to be both waterproof and long-lasting and applies easily and smoothly to the eyelids. The shadow stick is formulated with argan oil to help moisturize dry eyelids, jewel powder to add sparkle to your eyes and aloe powder to help moisturize sensitive eyes.
How To Use - Lightly Spread the eyeshadow onto your eyelids with the shadow stick and then gently blend with your fingertips.
This shadow stick is extremely easy to apply and is definitely long lasting, I'm not sure about the waterproof part as I was wearing this when I tested the Lemon cleanser and it was removed but that could be because I was using something other than water. I love that it's really glittery but sadly in the picture you can't really tell I'm wearing it. For someone that doesn't wear much eyeshadow this is a product I will continue to use.
Rate 5/5

Now the gift product we received for New Year is the SUN CLAMUE Hydrogel Collagen Mask, we may only have one sachet with one mask but you can tell from the packaging and explaination that it's really a high end mask, product and brand and I feel thankful to be able to receive and try it as a bonus. It's a high-grade nutritional gel mask containing Green Tea Extract, which tightens and soothes weary skin and controls skin aging caused by oxidation. It's also formulated with low molecule Marine Collagen Extract, which effectively increases facial skin elasticity. It's said to be a soothing, moisturizing, rejuvinating and nourishing mask that is great for ALL skin types.
How To Use - Wash your face and dry thoroughly. Apply an eye-cream or toner prior to using the mask for better results. Separate the gel mask from the transparent film and apply the mask to your face. Remove the mask after 20-30 minutes. There is no need to rinse or wash your face.

This mask is amazing and I will be treating myself every now and then to this mask, when I used this mask the skin at the corners of my eyes were dry and sore from watering all day at work, by the time I removed this mask the soreness and tenderness was gone as they felt soothed and moisturized. The mask was easy to apply with it being in two sections making it easier to get over both my eyes and nose and then applying the second half round my mouth. I kept it on for the full 30 minutes to get the full benefits. All round my skin felt and looked so much better. I HIGHLY recommend this mask to anyone and everyone, just be careful you don't scare anyone with the mask. Thank You for this bonus item MISHIBOX.
Retail Price: $7/£4.88-1pc $30/£20.89-5pc
Rate 5/5

Now it's time to get down to the business side of the MISHIBOX, like most subscription services there are many options to choose from and MISHIBOX is no different. You can choose from the annual subscription box which is $239.40/£163.66 upfront so that means you can relax knowing a years worth of boxes have been paid for, a 12 month subscription box which is the same price as the above apart from this one only lasts 12 months, a 6 month subscription box which is $119.70/£81.83 and this finishes after 6 months, a 3 month subscription box which is $59.85/£40.92 which again finishes after 3 months and lastly a monthly subscription box which is $19.95/£13.64 and is a reoccurring payment each month, all boxes also have shipping fee's which even with the shipping fee the price of the box is worth it for what you get inside it. These boxes are extremely popular and sell out really fast so if you interested I would suggest being quick to avoid disappoint, to show how popular they are the next month you can sign up for is April.
Like what you have seen in this post then head to the MISHIBOX website.

I'm anticipating my next box already.

See you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai Jian

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