Wednesday, 24 February 2016

Kawaii Box: January Edition

An nyeoung
Ni hao

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It's time to reveal to you what I got in January's Kawaii Box so without delay I'm going to get straight into it.

I don't think I need to continue to describe this box as it always come in the same cute box.

It always comes packaged in the same cute tissue paper with the cute info card.

First look within the box.

First up we have the Kracie Popin' Cookin' Oekaki Gummy Land DIY Kit, which is a do-it-yourself gummy set that you can create your own gummy sweets, I always have to YouTube these items as the instructions are always in Japanese which I obviously don't speak but they are always great fun to do, I haven't done this kit yet so once I have I will update this post to show you all the results.
Retail Price: £3.57

Next up we have the Sweet Neko Purse, which as you can see is a cute cat purse with 3D ears, I love cats so this is an awesome purse for me and will be used for times when I'm out and only require a change purse. This is available in 2 styles and we were sent a style at random.
Retail Price: £2.03

Next up we have the Soft Bear Plush, which is gorgeous pastel coloured and cute as anything. This plush is a charm which I think I may attach to one the many bags that I use.
Retail Price: £1.33

Next up we have the Nail Deco Flake Set, which is an 8-piece Korean glitter and flake set. One of the things I've decided I want to start doing is painting my nails and using things like these to decorate them with too, so whenever I do I'll make sure to share them with you.
Retail Price: £2.73

Next up we have the Cupcake Eraser, this will come in handy for both me and my daughter when we're travelling to Disneyland Paris in the summer, 12+hours on a coach can get pretty boring so we tend to draw and colour, if we're not trying to sleep. This one comes in 6 different styles with each one having a different cupcake case and topping.
Retail Price: £0.84

Next up we have a Korean Secret Pen Set, I'm thinking of giving this one to my daughter as I think she'll get more fun and enjoyment out of it. The pen has special invisible ink which only shows up when the light on top of the pen is shone over the writing. It comes in 3 different colours(pink, blue & yellow) with us being sent one at random.
Retail Price: £1.75

Next up we have a Doughnut Squishy Charm, if you saw my December Kawaii Box you will have seen I got a waffle squishy charm, well the doughnut charm is the same material, I was gutted that it didn't have a scent though when I had a cheeky smell, it still looks cute and good enough to eat though. I couldn't find this one on the site to share price and styles with you.
Retail Price: Unknown

Next we have a Jewelry Deco Sticker, which is a mobile phone sticker for the back of your phone to make it look pretty, you could even apply it to the back of a plain phone case to give it more of a custom feel to you phone, it's set out as Japanese keitai, which I'm going to guess is really popular among girls in Japan.
Retail Price: £2.66

Next up is the Tiny Bow Stickers, this is another item I think my daughter will get more use out of as she likes to get artsy and creative with things.
Retail Price: £0.98

Next up we have a Sweet Mini Bag, this is a cute little bag that you can use as a cute lunch bag, it reminds me of Hello Kitty with the cute bow, thinking of giving this to my daughter so she could use it for whatever she wishes.
Retail Price: £1.96

Lastly we have a Dreams Come Through Pen, I was a little confused when I looked at this pen as I wasn't sure if the pen was meant to say dreams come true as mine said dreams come ture, but none the less the pen is really cute and pretty and has a little crown on the lid, I'm already using this pen and it's store away in one of my bags for when it's needed. It comes in a choice of 4 colours and we were sent one at random.
Retail Price: £1.47

Now let me get to the business side of the Kawaii Box subscription, remember whatever month you subscribe as long as it's before the shipment date you will get that months box so if you subscribe January you will get the January box around the beginning of February as it gets shipped the end of January. Each box comes with 10-12 Japanese and Korean kawaii items and no matter where in the month you subscribe you will get that months box shipped out to you so if you signed up on the 30th of November you would still get Novembers box as your first box. You get the choice of which subscription plan you would like, there's a 1 year plan which you pay $207.90 upfront and get a box free which works out around £136.58 and it ends after the 12 months, there's a 6 month plan which the site features as their most popular option which is $107.40 upfront which saves you $6 which works out as £70.56 saving £3.94 and this one also ends after the 6 months, there's a 3 month plan which is $56.70 upfront which they also advertise as the perfect gift idea which comes in at £37.25 which also ends after the 3 months and finally there is the 1 month plan which is the plan I am on which is $18.90 which is a re-occurring payment plan that you can cancel at anytime and works out at £12.42. All 4 plans come with free shipping and also an automatic entry into their kawaii megabox raffle valued over $100 (£65.71). If you're interested in subscribing or just even checking it out then click HERE to go to the site.

If you don't want to subscribe then check out the site BLIPPO where all the items featured in this post are available with many more kawaii items to choose from.

If you just want Japanese Candy they have a subscription box similar to the Kawaii box options you can check that out HERE.

This has been another box where the products within the box a worth more than the subscription itself so I definitely recommend this subscription, I don't think there are many subscription boxes out there that you get more from what you pay.

Well done Kawaii Box with another great box and another 5/5.

See you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai Jian


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