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SHINee: Chapter 1- Dream Girl: The Misconceptions Of You

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Welcome back to another K-pop Monday, I've recently got some new K-pop CD's which I'm hoping to share with you in the future and they are from 2 groups that I've not shared any of their albums with you, they are also the first albums I've purchased from these groups so look our for 4Minute and F(x) in the near future. Right lets get back to today and back to the group with style SHINee.

On the 5th of February 2013 Shinee announced they were making a comeback with their 3rd full length Korean album, but this comeback had a catch, this comeback would be done in two parts with two brand new full length Korean albums. It was revealed on the 11th of the same month that the title track would be called Dream Girl.
On the 16th of February SM Entertainment released the Misconceptions of You album medley revealing snippets of all nine tracks on the album including title track Dream Girl.
Owned by SM Entertainment

On the 18th of February SM then released the MV teaser for Dream Girl revealing a colourful video with an upbeat backing track.
Owned by SM Entertainment

A day later on the 19th of February SM released the Dream Girl music video showing off Shinee's usual  group dances as well as group and individual styles, showing both a dark, colourful and fun MV.
Owned by SM Entertainment.

The album was also released the same day as the Dream Girl MV. Misconceptions of You brought Shinee success with the album reaching No.1 in 3 countries, twice in South Korea with the Gaon Weekly & Monthly Album Charts, Thailand with the Channel V Thailand Asian Chart and in Taiwan with the G-Music Asia Chart, the album also saw success in Japan reaching No.10 on the Oricon Album Chart and in America reaching No.2 on the Billboard World Albums and No.5 on the Billboard Heatseekers Chart. The Gaon Physical Sales stand at 185,357+ while the Oricon sales stand at 24,376+.

The Billboard K-Town columnist Jeff Benjamin wrote that Dream Girl was a safe, enjoyable and mainstream song but gave high praise for the album saying that it was a triumph that never lacks in energy and nods to 80's pop and forward thinking pop. Member Taemin described the album as one where each members individuality shone through, with which Jonghyun added we know each others strengths so split parts according to who could shine on what.

Members Jognhyun, Minho & Key even got involved with the lyrics for some of the tracks with Minho writing the raps for Drean Girl, 방백(Aside), 름다워(Beautiful) & 다이너마이트(Dynamite), with both Key & Minho writing the rap for track Girls, Girls, Girls. Jonghyun wrote the lyrics for the opening track of the album Spoiler. As I stated at the start this comeback was to be done with a 2nd album being released a few months later and the track Spoiler connected both albums together with the song revealing the names of the tracks on the 2nd album, making the track a teaser for what tracks were to come.

I love the layout and concept for this album with the front cover being rather abstract with each member appearing on the cover, showing the fantasies of the members, having the members own images and the ideal types they look for. We were asked to break our misconceptions and prior judgement that many people had on the group.

Track List:
Dream Girl
Punch Drunk Love
Girls, Girls, Girls

The album in all is what I have come to expect from Shinee and when I listen back on some of their first albums I can see and tell how far they have come and how far they can still go as they continue to work hard, here's my personal favourite tracks and the tracks I recommend to check out.

By Maisha Siddique

Dream Girl
By ChannelK101

Girls, Girls, Girls
By Winnie Chen

(Sorry Onew made me - bias)
By shinee8525

By holyhoneyho

Do any of these tracks peak your interest?
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