Thursday, 21 January 2016

My Christmas Haul 2015

An nyeoung
Ni hao

I've been wanting to post this for a few weeks now but just never got round to rounding up all my pressies in one place to take pictures, also I needed to make room for them all in my bedroom and I just got too lazy to be motivated to get it done, but finally it has now been completed and I can now share with you all my amazing gifts from my family and friends.

We spent Christmas day at my sisters (mainly early afternoon till around 11pm), it had been a few years since we'd spent Christmas at my sister's, it was mainly because my granddad had requested we have a family Christmas (his memory isn't how it used to be) and on the day he'd got up and then gone back to bed as my sister went to collect him, at this he decided he wasn't getting up and said he wasn't going, something I know pretty much upset the family that his presence would no longer be there and also that he would be spending a majority of Christmas day on his own, my mum, sister and nephew did go and visit him around evening time to take him some of the stunning Christmas dinner. Overall we had an amazing day of food, alcohol, music and laughter, it's always nice to spend time with family especially my 2 oldest nephews as I don't get to see them as much and I always have a laugh them, even Skye adores them and loves nothing more to sit and watch them playing games on their Xbox's.

The thing I love about Christmas and birthdays is the time and effort friends and family put into finding presents that would be perfect for you, choosing on the different aspects they see of you, I got a mixture of gifts but all were different parts of my interests etc and I've split them all into categories for this post, so we have Clothing, Beauty, Anime, Tea, Jewellery, Disney and Miscellaneous. I love each and every present I got and I'm so thankful of the amount of presents I got so don't feel that I'm bragging about it all (who am I kidding I'm bragging about how amazing my friends and family are), right let me stop rambling on share my amazing gifts with you.


It's been a while since getting clothing as a gift but loved and appreciated, I'm always scared about buying people clothing as a gift as I'm scared they'll either dislike it or I'll offend them by getting something too big. Lets start off from the left: Pyjama short set which I love and I had on for bed that night, they're so comfy and I got them from my sister-in-law, her partner and their little girl. Next we have this awesome pink top that says Lil' Miss Anime from one of my best friends at work Vikki, which I've made no secret to about my love of all things anime, manga and K-pop. Lastly again from my sister-in-law, her partner and their little girl I got this gorgeous dressing gown, which if I could I would lounge about in all day, it's so comfy.


Let me start of with the GORGEOUS bath bombs that one of my best friends Nichola got me, I can't wait to use these, they look really pretty and the smells are divine, she even has shown me where she bought them so I can go and buy more, I also love the fact that she packaged it all herself making it even more special.

Next is another gift from my work bestie Vikki, I've been meaning to take the plunge and start using and buying eye-shadow's again (not knowing where to start hasn't helped), thankfully to Vikki I can (maybe a test this weekend for a future post), what I love about this is on the box it says Bento which is the main reason she bought them for me as she knows I have Bento Days with the bestest Kate and Skye and knows my love of Japan, what she didn't know which made the purchase even better for her was that it's Superdry and she didn't realise they're a Japanese company.

Next we have a bath and body set as well as a manicure set from Becky and Dave from our little group of friends (ours I mean mine & Andrew's). For me bath and body sets are always a bonus as I tend to moan about how dry and itchy my legs can get so always in the need for moisturisers and new bath products to try (I can get bored of the same product and stop using it) so it's always nice to try new things and see the difference in your skin. I love the manicure set not only can I pop it in my handbag for whenever I need it but it's all pink, plus my nails are always a mess and now I have no excuse.

Next up from my sister and brother-in-law I got an ObeyYourBody (Obey Your Body) nail kit which as said my nails are always a mess and using this will help keep them looking healthy as well as moisturising my hands and cuticles. As soon as I opened this I remembered my sister talking about how amazing this was so can't wait to get using it.

Lastly we have some Radox shower gel and little bag for them, I got this from my brother and sister-in-law, one is passion fruit and the other is coconut, they both smell divine, you can never get too many bath products.


First up from the bestest Kate and her other half Sam I have a Jack Skellington plush, one of the films I loved was the Nightmare Before Christmas and to this day I love the film, I annoy everyone else as I sit watching the film saying it all word for word, I even got to meet Jack & Sally in Disneyland Paris in October 2014 was one the best moments for me there including meeting Marie from The Aristocats.

Next we have another plush this one is of Sailor Moon but this one is from my amazing friend Kariss, my favourite anime/manga series in whole is Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon and I think everyone knows this if I can class her a super hero she would be my favourite, it was a series favourite of mine growing up and if I can get my hands on something Sailor Moon I will.

Next is another item from Kariss and a POP! to add to my collection or Titan Eren, if your familiar with recent and popular manga/anime then I'm sure you've heard of a little series called Attack on Titan, this at the moment is my favourite series I'm currently waiting on the second season to be finished and aired, something that was aired at the end of the 2nd Attack on Titan Live Action Movie (from what I've seen looks so bad - the live action film that is). If you don't know what I'm talking about then check out my previous posts for the Anime and Manga.

Next up is a present that made me cry and is again from the Bestest Kate and Sam, it's a personalised drawn picture of me & Kate and I have cute little Tsukino Usagi buns (Sailor Moon) and it has a quote saying: Just a brunette and a blonde with an unbreakable bond, this will be going in a frame for me to show it off to everyone.

Lastly from the BEST boyfriend in the world I got 4 figures from Attack on Titan, I can hear all you non-anime fans now saying what? why? and how is that even a good or decent present, well these figures are Figma, they are all beautifully created, with all limbs moveable and with the choice of different faces for different expressions. Figma figures if getting the real deal and not replica's from China can be rather pricey so I dread to think how much he paid to get me 4 of my favourite characters.

Armin (armadillo) Arlert
I was Armin for Halloween and I would love to go to the Yorkshire Cosplay Con as him and get to meet Lauren Landa that voices Annie in the Dubbed version of the series (plus bonus she voices Sailor Neptune in the new dubbed version of Sailor Moon).

Mikasa Ackerman
She's the badass biatch that's clearly in love with Eren, If she was real I wouldn't want to piss her off but she's one of those people I'd love as a friend as she'd stick by you no matter what.

Eren Yeager
The main guy that wants to KILL ALL OF THEM the titans that is and the guy that could save the whole of humanity, you may notice he's minus a head don't worry it's popped off and fell behind him so all is good.

On opening this bad boy I squealed, it's safe to say Levi is my favourite Attack on Titan character (they need to release a POP! of him already), if he asked me to join the scouts I wouldn't turn him down.


First we have three boxes of 40 pack teabags that I got from Liv & Dan (our little group of friends), I have Cardamom Chai (I had a cup of this one last night and helped with my heartburn plus it was really tasty), Vanilla Chai (I love Vanilla Chai anything) & Masala Chai.

Next from my granddad I got a Twinings tea for one which has the cup and teapot attached together and easily separates to use.

Lastly we have an afternoon tea set for two from the Mary Berry collection, this was bought for me by my amazing friend Clare, it comes with 2 cups, 2 saucers and 2 serving plates and it's decorated with geese. It's really pretty and looks really elegant (it is Mary Berry after all), I can't wait to use this set.


First up from the BBE (Best Boyfriend Ever) I got a gorgeous Sapphire necklace, I get nervous wearing jewelry like this as I'm scared I'll break them but I'm trying to make more of an effort this year to wear more jewelry especially necklaces as they can often add to an outfit.

Next another from the bestest Kate & Sam I got a Mickey Mouse necklace it's really pretty and I can put it with anything whether I want to dress up or dress down.

Lastly from Andrew's parents (my mother & father-in-law I got a stunning skull with an arrow broach, it's not shown in the open group picture because on Boxing Day I attached it to my coat.


First up from Liv & Dan I got a stunning Alice in Wonderland canvas, I accidentally gave this to Skye to open, maybe I should tell that Santa to read labels in future so it doesn't happen again.

The next three are from my mum & dad and without fail whether it's Christmas or my Birthday they get me a new Disney ornament to add to my collection.

Elsa & Anna
The it doesn't have to be a man to be an act of true love sisters.

The I don't have a skull and obsessed with Summer snowman.

The fairy that likes to tinker with items (she's living at our home at the moment via Skye's fairy door), this is my favourite ornament out of my new ones she's so pretty.


I got 2 bottles of prosecco one of which I drank boxing day before I could take a picture that I got from my brother Christopher and sister-in-law Jo.

The 2nd bottle I got from my awesome and tall nephews Daniel & Owen (see the picture at the bottom and you'll see what I mean), I'm thinking I'm going to pop this one open during my week off in February.

Finally my last present again from the Bestest Kate & Sam I got a Girls Generation picture and lyric booklet, Kate was worried it would be just a boring lyric book but how can anything with my girls be boring, check out some of the pictures below.

Phew I did it. I got to the end, sorry if at any point you felt I was bragging but I just wanted to go through each present and give credit to where it was due, I hope you comment below and tell me some of your presents that you got for Christmas and sorry for rambling on for too long, hope you got to the end of this post without getting too bored.
see you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai Jian