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TaeYeon: The First Solo Mini Album: I

An nyeoung
Ni hao

This week's K-pop Monday features Girls Generations Kid Leader TaeYeon and her first solo mini album release, TaeYeon is mainly known for her ballads and singing for soundtracks so for me it came as no surprise when SM Entertainment announced that TaeYeon would be the first member of Girls Generation to make a solo debut, my only concerns were like Super Junior's Kyuhyun she's known for her strong vocals within ballads and I was scared that all her mini album would contain was ballads, this is the moment I raise my hands and say how wrong was I, I knew even if the tracks were all ballads I'd love it and I've never been so proud of an idol before. If you follow K-pop or are a fan of Girls Generation then you know that TaeYeon gets a lot of hateful comments about the group, herself and her family and being the person she is she take it on the chin, apologises and then pushes herself to work harder to improve herself for those haters, so it was no surprise that she was nervous and excited to stand in the spotlight without without her members.

On the 2nd of October SM released the first teaser for TaeYeon's MV and revealed that the single would be called I and also that the track had been written by none other than TaeYeon herself, the first teaser didn't give too much away, with just the music being played and showing scenes of TaeYeon on location, check out the first teaser below.

Just 3 days later on the 5th of October SM released the second teaser for the MV, showing more of the scenery and the music as the music built up SM teased more with a tiny clip of TaeYeon singing "my life is a beauty" personally my jaw dropped I know TaeYeon is an amazing singer but I'd never head her voice that way before, check out the second teaser below.

The very next day on the 6th of October SM released the MV for I, filmed on location in New Zealand, the MV shows the beauty of the country and I don't think there could have been a better place for TaeYeon to film for this song from start to finish everything is jaw dropping and breath taking, from a fans perspective the video shows two TaeYeon's the hard-working woman that everyone See's daily in the K-pop world and her true self that I personally think she wishes she could show the world. I think many people think she's fake as a person because she chooses not to show the real her, TaeYeon seems the kind of girl that finds it hard to let people in knowing she could end up hurt, hence why I think she spends her time thinking more of others and apologising for every little detail she thinks will cause an offence, people are hard on her with hateful comments but I bet she's more hard on herself scared of letting people down, one thing I've learnt from TaeYeon is that she may not always show it but she is grateful EVERYDAY for the life she leads, check out the MV below.

7th of October her mini album was released with the praise being received from the moment it was released, the album reached No.2 in Korea, 21 in Japan and No.1 & N0.5 in The Billboard World Albums chart and the Heatseeker chart both American charts, I sold 2,000 copies in it's first 2 days of it's release and gained TaeYeon 11 music show awards.

From cover to cover this album is amazing, each picture of TaeYeon is shot beautifully, I love all her outfits for the pictures, her beauty shines in each picture. The album is in the usual hardback book style case that SM has been using lately but this time it's a rectangle instead of the square case, the case itself is an off-white/pale pink colour with the front and back cover images being in black and white as is the front page of booklet, I wish I could pull off each of the styles that TaeYeon wears in the pictures as they are outfits that people could wear everyday.

Track List:
I ft 버벌진트 (Verbal Jint)
쌍등이자리 (Gemini)
스트레스 (Stress)
먼저 말헺줘 (Farewell)
I (inst.)

As it's a mini album and because each song is amazing and needs to be shared, below will be all the tracks, there will be two videos of I as I want to share with you not only her amazing I've vocals on the track but also a video of the translated lyrics, check them all out now!

I Live with a surprise appearance from Verbal Jint
(By Szyskii)

(By LoveKpopSubs16)

쌍등이자리 (Gemini) 
(By LoveKpopSubs16)

스트레스 (Stress)
(By LoveKpopSubs16)

먼저 말헺줘 (Farewell)
(By LoveKpopSubs16)

I Lyrics
(By TamTam Lyrics 1)

If your a K-pop fan or not I would highly recommend checking out this album, for me this is one of the best albums put out this year and knowing that TaeYeon was extremely nervous about this album shows that she had put EVERYTHING into this record, keep up the hard-work Kid Leader.

빚을 쏟는 sky
Biccuel ssotneun sky
Sky that pours light

새로워진 eyes, 새롱워진 eyes
Saerowojin eyes, saerowojin eyes
Renewed eyes, renewed eyes

저 멀리로 fly
Jeo meolliro fly
Fly far away
Fly high, fly high

난 나만의 beauty
nan namanui beauty
Beauty that belongs only to me

눈 감은 순간 시간은 멈줘가
Nun gameun sungan siganeun meomchwoga
Moment I close my eyes

난 다시 떠올라
Nan dasi tteoolla
Time stops I rise again

See you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai jian

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