Tuesday, 8 December 2015

Lush: The Way To Bathe: Yog Nog & The Magic of Christmas Reviews

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It's time for another Lush post and in this post I'm going to review two of the Christmas products I purchased a while ago, two scents I love about Christmas is cinnamon and ginger and any products that may have these ingredients for me are a must. I definitely have a favourite out of these two products I'm sharing with you today.

Yog Nog Bath Bomb
Lush Description
Sweeter than dipping into the biscuit tin, this luxurious bomb is sure to warm you up cold, frosty evenings. Spicy clove bud oil stimulates the senses whilst soya milk powder and organic shea butter create creamy, comforting waters. Luxuriate in cinder toffee soaks with clouds of gold and a touch of lustre.

I wouldn't say I loved this one but I would definitely buy it again and offer it a second chance at wooing me, although it did smell nice it wasn't one of my favourite's in the scent department, hopefully when I give this one a second try I'll be able to smell the toffee a lot better and hopefully it will smell better. It sent the bath such a pretty colour and it left me feeling relaxed and also left my skin feeling soft and moisturised.

The Magic of Christmas Bubble Bar
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Lush Description
Foam alone? Stir up a whole lot of Christmas magic with this warming cinnamon stick. It's packed with punchy cinnamon leaf and Fair Trade Organic clove to stimulate the skin and boost circulation whilst fast forwarding you straight into the festive season! Treat Grinch-like moments by holding this spicy bubble wand under running water and slipping into a blanket of hot, almond bubbles.

I used this one when I had a banging headache and I'm so glad to say it eased it and made me feel so much better, I left the bath smelling gorgeous, not only that my skin was left feeling soft as well as myself feeling refreshed. I'm constantly telling Skye off for messing with the bath bombs when she uses them telling her to leave them be and dissolve but on this occasion I found it difficult myself especially the cinnamon stick. I would highly recommend this Bubble bar to any Grinch and Scrooge out there to  get them into the Christmas spirit, I will definitely be making a purchase of this one again while it's still available.
*sadly I didn't take any pictures of this one*

When ever I go shopping Lush is my weakness and I can't wait to go and get some more Christmas products to try out, can you recommend any to me, if so comment below I'll be making a visit later this week.
See you soon!

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