Monday, 7 December 2015

Favourite Christmas Songs

An nyeoung
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I thought we'd take a little break this week from K-pop Monday! and have a bit of festivity, if you've been checking out my very own advent calendar posts then you know that I love Christmas and there's nothing better to get you feeling all festive and excited then a good Christmas song, I've mentioned in a previous post that I tend to love the classic Christmas songs. Growing up I was constantly listening to a cassette tape that belonged to my nan I listened it to it that much that she gave it to me. The tape was Christmas With The Andrews Sisters, I would even fall to sleep listening to it on Christmas Eve, I was devastated when I was no longer able to find it but last month while viewing Christmas things on Amazon I came across a picture I knew so well, they had the album on CD and without doubt bought it.

Everyone has at least one Christmas song that gets them feeling all festive and I could go through December lacking that Christmas feeling but I'm going to share with you some of the songs that get me into the spirit of the season, maybe some of your favourites will appear on the list too.

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Dear Santa - English version
Girls Generation-TTS
(By Soshi Lyrics)

12 Days of Christmas
Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters
(By Chris Carr)

It's Beginning To Look A lot Like Christmas
Michael Buble
(By zwoooooooooosh)

Girls Generation
(By lovelystephanie89)

The Christmas Tree Angel
The Andrews Sisters
(By tyinit)

Merry Christmas Everybody
(By RachelsXmasMusic)

The Christmas Song
Nat King Cole
(By The Christmas Card)

Winter Wonderland
Michael Buble
(By zwoooooooooosh

All I Want For Christmas
Girls Generation
(By TV-People)

Wish It Could Be Christmas Everyday
(By stardustdays)

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
The Andrews Sisters & Bing Crosby
(By Christmas Essentials)

Jingle Bells
Michael Buble & The Puppini Sisters
(By XOlaurene)

I wish I could all of my favourite Christmas songs but if I did the post would never end, comment below if I listed any of your favourites, if I haven't posted any of your favourites then also comment them below and they may get a feature on my daily advent calendar posts.
See you soon!

An nyeoung
Zai Jian

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