Thursday, 3 December 2015

Christmas Day Countdown! Day 1,2,3

An nyeoung
Ni hao

I've decided that as I don't have an advent calendar this year I would do something different and each day share a Christmas song with you all, these songs were vary from English to Korean and possibly Chinese and because we're already onto December 3rd I'm going to start with the tracks I picked for the 1st to today's track, hope you like them and they get you into the spirit of Christmas.

December 1st
I chose this song for the 1st simply for fact that to me it sounds like a song to start the Christmas season off with.
'Christmas is finally here'
Super Junior - Santa You Are The One

December 2nd
One of my fondest memories growing up was listening to a cassette tape my nan gave me with all the songs sung by The Andrews Sisters, I can finally relive those moments as I now have the album on CD.
'Come on and dance the Merry Christmas Polka'
The Andrews Sisters - Merry Christmas Polka
(By jym1644)

December 3rd
Normally for me the Christmas songs that tend to make me feel all festive and Christmassy tend to be the classic Christmas songs but today the Sone within me bowed to the sub-unit of my favourite South Korean girl group Girls Generation-TTS. The song for today's advent window if you will is a BRAND NEW song and video released TODAY for TTS' comeback and this song for me is up there with the classics as the saying goes this one hit the nail on the head.
'Santa he won't let me, Santa he won't let me, Santa he won't let me down~'
Girls Generation-TTS - Dear Santa
(By asmusic.tv6)
*the video wasn't showing for me to upload to please feel free to check out my Facebook blog page Manga and Anime maniac

See you tomorrow for another Christmas song.

An yeoung
Zai jian

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