Sunday, 6 December 2015

Christmas Day Countdown! Day 6

An nyeoung
Ni hao

Are you ready to open window number 6?

December 6th
One thing I love about working in retail is that Christmas songs come on that bring back memories of my childhood and one group in particular that does that is Queen. I'm sure each one of you has a singer or group that you were brought up on and for me it was Meatloaf, Tina Turner, Bryan Adams and Queen and the one I listen to most these days is Queen, I've even had the privilege of being up close to Brian May & Roger Taylor in concert. I spent a lot of my childhood seeing how much my dad idolised Freddie Mercury I even used to think he looked like him with his moustache and last year knowing that because of the price of the tickets my dad was going to pass up the chance to see his favourite band so I, knowing how much they meant to him bought both him and my mum standing tickets to see them with Adam Lambert. Now 27 it still breaks my heart that my dad never got to see them while Freddie was still here with us, but knowing that he got to thank Freddie Mercury's mother makes it all worth while. I do sit and wonder though if Freddie was still here would Queen be releasing albums still. Many people say I take after my dad and I wonder if one of his traits that I have is how I idolise some of the groups and singers I listen to.
'But now it's Christmas, yes it's Christmas,Thank god it's Christmas'
Queen - Thank God It's Christmas
(By Ermanno Gandolfi)

Check back tomorrow to open the next window.

An nyeoung
Zai jian

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