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Kawaii Box: October Edition

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So last month I decided to join a new subscription box and I couldn't have been more excited for this box, what's this new subscription I hear you say, well it's a box that contains all things Kawaii, if you're not aware Kawaii is a Japanese term for cute so basically this box contains all things cute. I found this subscription service through a blog called What About Zoe? through Bloglovin and soon as I read her unboxing review it called to my Japanese, Korean and cuteness obsession and I decided to bite the bullet and subscribe, and I haven't been left disappointed, check out what I got in my box.

Let me start off by saying how much I love the box, people may think I'm odd saying this but I think the design of the box definitely adds to it's cuteness and even raises your expectations on what you will find inside the box.

On opening the box the items were hidden within some gorgeous paper that also held the Kawaii Box logo, which again for me raised my expectations.

Also in the box before getting to the goodies was a Thank You card that listed the items within the box and told you which month it was for, the card is really pretty and I love the Have a Kawaii day part.

Now lets get into the main good stuff.

This Kawaii little thing is a FLAN DAKIGURUMI PLUSH POUCH  just look how cute this little guy is, he even has a zip at the back to keep some things stored maybe I should hide sweets in there, think I'm going to be keeping him sat on my bed with the rest of my soft toys, on their Blippo site these guys range from £4.20 - £21.26 and come in different designs.

Next up we have a FINGER FAMILY MONSTER POUCH this is basically a coin purse or you could use it to store your cards within your purse which I'm thinking about doing and keeping the cards I hardly use together in my bag. If you don't think this little fella is cute then just check out his face, on their Blippo site they come in 4 different colours and come in at £1.18 each.

Next these little things are really cute and they are HEART SHAPED NAIL FLAKES my nails are long enough for me to use if I had patience to paint and decorate them that is, for some reason when I paint my nails they will feel dry and then I'll knock my nail and the polish will have come away making me removing the lot, on their Blippo site there are different colours and designs and they are priced at £1.31 each.

Next we have one of my favourite items a LOLLIPOP PEN not going to lie on removing this from the box my first thoughts was it was edible till I saw it had a removable cap, I can't wait to get using this pen. On their Blippo site it comes in 8 different colours all looking good to eat and are priced at £1.18 each.

Next we have something edible MEIJI DIY SUSHI-BAR GUMMIES when I first took these out of the box my stomach took a nose dive because without knowing what they were I dreaded making them after a Japanese DIY candy disaster I have had previously but thankfully finding out they were just gummies and easily put together made it a better experience and they tasted really yummy and the smell when I opened the packaging was divine my mouth watered, the flavours were banana, lemon and plum, the plum was my favourite. On the Blippo site they are £1.90 each.

Next up we have the NEKO EMOJI MINI MINI POUCH which looks like a little cat coin purse that can store loose change or small objects, you could even attach it to your backpack, phone ore even your keys, on the Blippo site it comes in at £1.51 and is new in too.

Next we have JEWELRY SEAL DECO STICKERS which you can use to decorate your phone or even your work booklets at school, I think these will be something I let my daughter have as I know she'll love sticking them and decorating things with them and they are diamonds, on the Blippo site these come in at £1.18

Next we have a POPCORN ROLLING STAMP SET this definitely calls to the child in me to get it all out and start stamping with it but I think I'll let my daughter use it as I think she'll get more enjoyment out of it, on the Blippo site it comes in a choice of 4 colours priced at £2.10 each.

Next is another I think my daughter will get more enjoyment out of like the jewelry deco stickers ANIMAL STICKER SHEET  on the Blippo site there are lots to choose from but as you can see I got a sea life puffy sticker sheet, they also vary in price.

Next up we have a PATTERN ENVELOPE SET I think these are so cute and they come as a 5 pack, even though I don't think I will use them I will be keeping them, they may come in useful some day, on the Blippo site there are cute pattern envelopes and animal themed envelopes, there's lots to choose from and they come in at £1.64 a pack.

Last but not least we have UNCHI-KUN POOP LOLLIPOP now I know what your thinking how is poop cute but lately there seems to be a lot more kawaii poop shaped products, it may not look appetising and the smell didn't make me think it would taste nice but on taste it tastes like cola flavoured sweets, there's 2 other flavours too: cider soda and strawberry I think I may have to taste the other to get the full experience, on the Blippo site they come in 3 different flavours as stated and they come in at £0.79 each.

At the very bottom of the box underneath all the items are 3 advertisement flyer's that I assume are all within the same company which are for Blippo Kawaii Shop, Kawaii Box & a new subscription service Japan Candy Box

Now let me get to the business side of this subscription box, each box comes with 10-12 Japanese and Korean kawaii items and no matter where in the month you subscribe you will get that months box shipped out to you so if you signed up on the 30th of November you would still get Novembers box as your first box. You get the choice of which subscription plan you would like, there's a 1 year plan which you pay $207.90 upfront and get a box free which works out around £136.58 and it ends after the 12 months, there's a 6 month plan which the site features as their most popular option which is $107.40 upfront which saves you $6 which works out as £70.56 saving £3.94 and this one also ends after the 6 months, there's a 3 month plan which is $56.70 upfront which they also advertise as the perfect gift idea which comes in at £37.25 which also ends after the 3 months and finally there is the 1 month plan which is the plan I am on which is $18.90 which is a re-occurring payment plan that you can cancel at anytime and works out at £12.42. All 4 plans come with free shipping and also an automatic entry into their kawaii megabox raffle valued over $100 (£65.71). If you're interested in subscribing or just even checking it out then click HERE to go to the site.

If you don't feel like subscribing just yet then check out their kawaii store Blippo where there's lots of choice to purchase the items you want with free shipping, from what I've seen when browsing they have a lot of kawaii things at affordable prices and free shipping worldwide click HERE to go to the site.

Finally if Japanese candy has your interest (I know it has mine) then you can check out their subscription box which has similar plans as above for the kawaii box with free shipping worldwide, I think after the Christmas season is over I may check this one out click HERE to check out the site.

You definitely get your moneys worth with this subscription box and I can't wait for my next box to get shipped out to me, it's definitely a subscription I will be keeping in the near future and I can't wait to see all the amazing things I'll get through it. I would HIGHLY recommend this box to anyone that has an interest with all things kawaii, Japanese and Korean.

Kawaii Box you get ☆☆☆☆☆ from me

See you soon!

An nyeoung 
Zai Jian 

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