Wednesday, 21 October 2015

What's In My Bag?

An nyeoung
Ni hao

So last month I did a What's In My Make-up Bag? post and as I stated here's my what's in my bag post. This is another post I have seen other bloggers do, I've always struggled being able to get everything in my that I need and require in my bag and last week finally found and bought a new bag that I could finally fit everything in, Shall we see what's in my bag?

Lets start off with the bag itself, I got this bag from work while we were having a 20% off promotion meaning my staff discount was increased to 30% and couldn't resist treating myself, I love the colours and the design of it, there's zips on the sides giving you the option of making it a tad smaller but I prefer to keep them unzipped. You also get the option of either two small straps or one long adjustable shoulder strap, depending on my mood I use both straps mainly the shoulder strap. It has 3 pockets on the inside one of which is a zipped pocket and a large pouch pocket on the front. It's really spacious on the inside making it easier to place and find everything in the bag.

Next is my diary that I treated myself to last year when Christmas shopping, it's Disney's version of Alice in Wonderland, soon as I saw it I knew I had to have it: 1) it's Disney, 2) I love Disney's Alice in Wonderland, 3) it's pretty and colourful and 4) there's enough space for my to write my work rota, birthday's, appointments and my bills that are due. My previous bag I couldn't fit it in so had to resort putting my work rota onto my phone and I ended up forgetting when bills were due out and often left myself short.

Some may find this one strange but if your a regular cinema goer then you'll understand why I keep 3D glasses in my bag, nothing more frustrating then going to watch a movie in 3D and having to buy yet another pair to add to your collection at home, so I always keep some in my bag.

With the 5p plastic bag charge coming into effect here in the UK, I've made sure I always have a bag or two in my bag at all times in case I need one, these two I got from Primark (Minnie & Mickey) and Poundland (Cinderella) and also have an Elsa and another Minnie one from Poundland. I love using these bags for my shopping.

Next as many know English weather can be really unpredictable, with sunshine one minute then raining the next minute, so I always have an umbrella in my bag just in case. This umbrella I got off eBay and it's a replica of Usagi's (Sailor Moon) umbrella in the new Sailor Moon Crystal anime (this isn't the last of Sailor Moon in my bag either).

The bunny on the case is also on the umbrella

I always keep hand cream and perfume in my bag too, especially in the winter months as my hands can get dry. I use Hand Dream Hand Cream from Soap & Glory. Sadly I'm nearly out of my perfume Paco Rabanne Black XS which my friend Clare got me a few years ago after I kept eyeing it up on holiday, it always helps to have it in my bag for a quick spray before work and when out and about.

Another Sailor Moon item, my phone case wallet/purse, it came with a handle so I can use it as bag on a night out, there are different versions available of all the scouts but I obviously went with Sailor Moon's, handy to have in my bag so I don't have to store my phone at the bottom of my bag.

I always have a bottle of water in my bag, to keep hydrated and it's definitely helped when it comes to drinking the daily recommended amount of water during the day, although when it's busy at work I don't get chance to stop and hydrate which often means I leave work with a headache.

In the zipped pocket I have my earphones which are Beats by Dr Dre that Andrew got me for Christmas last year, when I use other earphones now I can tell the difference in quality. I also have paint the town red lip tint from Vaseline, another must in the winter months from getting dry and sore lips. Lastly in the zipped pocket I have a few tablets for pain relief etc.

In the other two open pockets I have a compact mirror that I got from poundland, it's really pretty. I also have a locker key to one of my friends lockers at work, Strawberry Laces Carex Complete hand gel, it never hurts to have hand sanitiser in your bag. Chewing gum for if I eat any smelly foods and an owl pen that I got from Paperchase.

The front pocket of my bag I have an essential for any bag HOUSE KEYS, I have two sets of keys one for my house/my parents and the other for Andrew's.

Last but by know means least is another essential for any handbag, my purse, but it's not just any purse it's a Sailor Moon purse, again this purse is available in the other scouts colours and design but I obviously went for the Sailor Moon purse, I love the design of this purse plus it's pretty on the inside as well as the outside.

What do you keep in your bag?
Let me know in the comments below.
See you soon

An nyeoung
Zai Jian


  1. 1: where can I get the brolly?
    2. I didn't know Vaseline did a lip tint!!!

    1. I got it off eBay, think I just searched Sailor Moon but would think it would come up under Sailor Moon umbrella, I've had it about a year I think, I always feel the need to get their limited edition stuff