Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Betoyo Bento Box: September Edition

An nyoung 
Ni hao

Holy Moly, I'm on my 100th post, a blog is definitely hard work but when you all read it it makes it all worth it no matter how many people read it. Just knowing that my posts are reaching different countries around the world and people taking the time out of their to read it makes it all worth it. So far I've reached 5,500 views and where for some that maybe small for me it's a big accomplishment. Also I don't feel that I don't have one of the easiest blogs to promote as I post about things that people don't necessarily know about like K-pop, Manga and Anime so I try to post a variety of things that would interest others, and I will remain to do so. So shall we get into today's post.

Last week I received Septembers Betoyo Bento Box and thankfully we're back to the cloth wrapped boxes, which I love, the pattern and colour was really pretty, I just wish they were long enough to use as a fabric headband in my hair. A few of the products I got I didn't know who they were or what they were from but some I knew who they were just not seen the Anime's etc that they are from.

Up first was a roll of the tape used to seal last months box, you may think it looks familiar from a previous Betoyo post (June Edition) too. Danganronpa is a Japanese video game and even though I've never seen it or played it I do like some of the products I've received via this subscription box and like before the character on the tape is MonoKuma. I think this tape will come in handy when it comes to moving house etc as it's too big to use for anything else.

My next item is a really cute chess piece of the main character from a manga and anime called Cardcaptor Sakura, even though I've never read the manga or watched the anime I have seen the name pop up now and again since I got into manga and anime world. I can't help but think I will love this series and will definitely be giving it a go, I mean how could you not with how adorable she looks.

Next was a sticker of the Betoyo logo with the link for their site, I will always link this website in every post about them as I think they're an amazing subscription box.

My snack for this month was strawberry gum and I'm taking a guess that the 6 on the box means you get  pieces. The gum tasted gorgeous but as I've found with other flavoured gum the flavour doesn't last long, I'd been chewing the gum a couple of minutes by the time the flavour had disappeared.

We're nearing the end for this months box and next up was a key/bag chain of a character I've never see, when I first glanced at the face I thought it was Sebastian from Black Butler but on closer expection I realised it wasn't, but it looked really cool all the same so I visited my old faithful Google to find out who he was and what he's from. The character is from an a series called K and the character I got is called Kuroh Yatogami, he definitely looks like a character that I would get into in the series, maybe I should check it out.

My final item was the main item for the box and Betoyo revealed her on their Instagram and Facebook page, but due to not enough stock of her they had to add a few other characters too from the same series. The characters are from a game series called Persona 4, again this isn't something I've heard of before but the characters look really good. The character I received was the one they originally revealed and she is called Marie, she looks pretty cool and is painted really well. She comes as  five parts: 1 large TV, 1 small TV, her figure, hat and bag. There is a little groove in the middle of the large TV that she sits in but I placed her on the corner of the large TV.

Sadly we have come to the end of the items in the September Betoyo Bento Box, I've recently just found another anime/Japanese subscription box that I am thinking of trying out and thinking maybe doing a comparison post on the two boxes. As always if you wish to check out this subscription then check out their Facebook and Instagram pages where they tend leave teaser pictures of items that may appear in upcoming boxes. I can't recommend this subscription enough not only is the p&p included in the price, you really get your moneys worth and more often than not you get more for your money, I pay just short of £26 a month.

See you soon!

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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  1. Jesus 100 posts s amazing! 2 years in and I haven't even hit 300, and 5000 views is amazing. I told you niche wins!