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Asian Fashion: Layered Collar Mesh Trim Dress

an nyoung
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Time for another Asian Fashion post, I will at some point do clothes that are available in stores in the UK that I tend to wear often but for the time being these tend to be the outfits I wear the most. Sadly this dress is no longer available on the Yesstyle website either that or it's just not available anywhere anymore as it won't even allow me to see the dress on their site anymore. This was the first dress I ordered from Yesstyle it was also part of my first ever order from the site too.

This dress is from a Chinese brand called Ringnor, looking at the site it seems Yesstyle no longer stocks items from this brand, which is a shame as I liked a lot of the items they had to offer. After trying to find pictures of the dress that I could use for this post I came across another site that had the dress available,  Style-Asia.

Style-Asia Description:
A layered mesh collar and cuffs are a quirky take on the contrast trim trend. Iridescent decorative buttons adorn the neckline and cuffs, standing out against the luxe dark knit. Team with tights and high heel boots to show off the flattering shape this dress creates.

The dress is gorgeous and has definitely seen it's fair share of outings although I think it may have shrunk from washing as I don't remember it being as short as it is now. I first wore it for Skye's birthday party and teamed it up with some cat tights. 

Most of my skirts and dresses if rather short I team them up with so sort of animal tights, as strange and odd as it sounds it makes me feel more Asian (as in my fashion style), I had a proud moment a few months ago when a Asian girl checked out my outfit and tights, I just love their fashion.

As much as I love this dress it's not as flattering on me anymore, a sign I need to get my ass back in gear. It has a few pulls here and there now and the buttons on the cuffs of the sleeves are now both missing (they came off after a few washes). The mesh collar and cuffs really stand out on the dress making it look really pretty and feminine, with the buttons adding that bit more of colour, even though the dress is Gray it still stands out. 

You can pretty much wear it for any occasion, I've worn it to parties, nights out, cocktail nights and shopping trips and goes with flats, heeled boots and strappy heels. I would love some heeled brogues as I think they would go really well with the dress and also ankle high boots, I would possibly style it with a bowler style hat, another item I want to go with a few other outfits, my only problem is I'm not really a hat person so finding one to suit me may be hard.

Even though it's a bit tighter on me now it still shows off my curves with it going in at the waist, depending on the time of day and if I've eaten it hides my tummy really well, plus makes me look bustier which probably helps hiding my tummy. It's definitely a dress that you have to do your hair and make up after putting it on as there isn't any zips or buttons to unfasten the dress so goes on over your head.

I couldn't resist sharing pictures of the views from where I took my pictures, it maybe scary at night being in the middle of nowhere when we are at Andrew's but you can't deny that the views are gorgeous, I love spending time there.

I'm hoping I can buy this dress again some time in the future as for me this was my best buy from Yesstyle and will be sad when it comes to the end of it's wardrobe life but sadly all things must come to an end right? Well clothing styles anyway.
Do you have any clothing that gets more wear then any of your other items? Drop a comment below and let me know.
See you soon!

An nyoung 
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