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Gain - Talk About S

An nyoung 
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It's Monday which can only mean we've started a new blogging week and it's K-pop Monday, my weekdays seem to go by so fast now that I have set blogging days. This week is Gain's mini album Talk About S.

Gain (Ga-in) is a member of a 4 member girl-group called Brown Eyed Girls, she came to my attention in 2013 when she appeared in Psy's second UK single Gentleman MV, after his first MV intrigued me to know who the cameo was I knew this second MV was the same and she would be in the music industry. Even one of Psy's moves was a Brown Eyed Girls move titled the arrogant dance. Check them out. 

Brown Eyed Girls 

Gain tends to hit subjects and push boundaries that other artists would think was too risqué, especially to me in the K-pop world, which brings me to this mini album.
Released 2012 Talk About S is her most successful solo release along with the mini albums lead single being her most successful to date and to be honest I'm not surprised why this is one of favourite releases of hers. Talk About S is also her second solo release. In an interview Gain stated that "S could be referred to Sex, Sexual or even Secret, therefore S is a combination of those interpretations as it is the start point for so many other words".
Bloom the lead single is a story of an innocent girl that meets a man, falls in love and is brought into a world she has never witnessed in which he releases her sexual desires in turn making her Bloom from innocent girl to seductive woman. The MV got mixed reviews with some saying she had gone too far with it's content but after my initial surprise from the MV I saw it to be tasteful and for a subject that can be taboo for women rather empowering and in all honest to me and I'm sure others will agree that even if your not a fan of her music Gain has the power to pull in the viewer. She can make anything seem sexy with just her voice and moves she may not have the most strongest vocals in k-pop but she definitely has the most seductive vocals.

(Tiredness/Meet Her)
(The Gaze)
Catch me if you can

The images used for this mini album are as seductive as the songs themselves and the layout of the album is done well, it's all in a strong cardboard case that folds out to reveal the CD  and a short booklet with both lyrics and pictures, when I first got this album I spent most of my time looking at the pictures as they are just breathtaking and prove it doesn't have to be trashy to be sexy and seductive.

Album credits 
Back of album 

There's not a song I dislike on this album but my ultimate favourite is Bloom, take a listen to the songs:
팅커벌 - Tinkerbell 

그녀를 - Tiredness/Meet Her

피어니 - Bloom

시선 - The Gaze 

Catch me if you can 

Gain hypnotised me from the instant I saw her in Psy's MV and to me she is one of the sexiest women in k-pop, just stare into her eyes and tell me she doesn't impress you because to me thats difficult, there's other western idols that do what she does and make it seem trashy but she grabs it with both hands and makes you feel good to be a woman in this world.
See you soon! 

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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