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Attack on Titan Anime

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Welcome back! Today is the anime for yesterday's manga: Attack on Titan, like I stated yesterday I watched the anime before reading any of the manga and I have to admit this is my first serious anime that doesn't include any pervy or inappropriate scenes (I thought Black Butler was my first serious anime until the Sebastian sex scene, that was unexpected). Andrew had previously watched the subbed version of AoT and didn't think it would be something I'd watch but was surprised when I got fully into it. Just that moment that the colossal titan kicked through the wall (the first time) I was hooked wanting to know what and who the Titans were and if they could be defeated.
I watched the dubbed version and in the first episode whenever Eren spoke spent most of my time saying it's Rin (Okumara, Blue Exorcist) whereas Andrew was saying it was Kirito (Sword Art Online), they are all voiced by the same guy but we always remember his voice from the first character we heard him dub. 
Let me give you some details that I didn't share with you yesterday: Over 100 hundred years prior to the start of the time in the anime humanity was almost destroyed when Titans appeared devouring all humans in sight causing the rest of humanity that remains to build and hide within 3 enormous concrete walls the outermost wall is named Wall Maria, the middle wall is named Wall Rose and the innermost wall is named Wall Sina, most of the people inside the walls have never seen a titan until one day the Colossal titan appears and kicks a hole into Wall Maria letting smaller Titans through and devouring the humans, the surviving humans then have to retreat to Wall Rose when a titan known as the armoured titan breaches and destroys wall Maria and that is where our journey starts with Eren, Mikasa and Armin. I'd normally give character info about the main characters but I think this series is one that you need to watch to know the characters plus I don't want to reveal spoilers all I will say is watch out for Levi Ackerman he's pretty badass and my favourite character of the series. I also love how halfway through each episode (where it would stop and start for adverts) it reveals the information you get in the manga for example their ODM gear that they use when fighting Titans.
Like most anime DVD sets it comes in two parts (I've not seen a complete collection of season 1 yet) both parts have the episodes over two discs, part one being episodes 1-13 and part two being episodes 14-25. I love the artwork on and in both the cases. Each episode has the usual episode name with the arc/section of the story for example episode 1: To You, in 2000 Years - The Fall of Shiganshina, Part 1 I prefer that they do this as I've seem with many anime's that sections can go on for a while for example in Naruto some battle episodes can go on for 10+ episodes.

Part 1

Mikasa Ackerman 

Part 1 Opening

Ending 1

Part 2

Levi Ackerman 

Part 2 opening 
possible spoiler ending 2 not added due to spoiler.

There is still at least a year to wait for season 2 of AoT as if they rushed our the anime it would give out spoilers for the manga plus I think the manga artist and author Hajime Isayama is involved with the anime so with only 16 volumes of the manga out the anime would catch up pretty quickly and that tends to be when we get the annoying filler episodes. I really do think you should check this anime out and let me know what you think. If you've already watched it did you watch the subbed or dubbed version and which do you prefer also who is your favourite character all I ask is for people that may not have seen the show and would like to not to leave any spoilers.
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