Monday, 8 June 2015

Super Junior: Sorry Sorry The 3rd Album

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

Welcome to another k-pop monday this week I thought I'd introduce you to the male version of Girls Generation. SUPER JUNIOR! Super Junior started out as a 12 member group and was going to be rotational but after the release of their first album that idea was scrapped and an extra member was added making them 13. Some fans tend to say Super Junior is 13+2 as they didn't want to include Henry and Zhoumi from Super Junior M in the main group. There are now only 11 members active from the main group, Kibum is an inactive member focusing on his acting and Han Geng (Hankyung) left the group when he successfully terminated his contract with SM ENTERTAINMENT.
The album I'm sharing with you today was the last album that featured all 13 members.
Sorry Sorry was the first song I heard from Super Junior and that was because Girls Generation covered it and it wasn't really till Zhoumi released his solo material that I started listening to them. 
Sorry Sorry
Owned by SM Entertainment 

Sorry, Sorry
She Wants It
It's You
Love Disease
Love U More
Why I Like You
Let's Not...
What If
Club No.1
Happy Together 
Dead At Heart
Shining Star

My CD is a repackaged version. The layout of the is like Zhoumi's apart from the booklet lifts up instead of the usual booklet. The booklet is like the case white showing each member and shows the lyrics.

Han Geng (Hankyung) 
L-R Kyuhyun & Yesung
L-R Kangin & Kibum

Super Junior are an amazing group and pretty much all round entertainers as they are all good singers with some with the extra talent of rapping and dancing.

My favourite tracks are:
Sorry, Sorry 
It's You
Love U More 
Why I Like You 
Club No.1
There are some lovely ballads on this album but they don't really stand out for me, I often find it difficult to fall in love with ballads some artists have done that though. 

It's You 
owned by SM Entertainment 
Love U More 
Why I Like You 
Club No.1 

Well that's the end of this week's k-pop monday, I hope you check out Super Junior as they have many amazing songs and many Sub Unit groups and solo releases.
See you soon

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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