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Sekirei Anime

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Sekirei symbol 
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Normally today would be Manga Madness but I don't own any physical copies of the Sekirei manga it doesn't seem to be available where I am so I've read it on my manga app: manga rock. Today is about the Anime that I was introduced by via Netflix sadly it's no longer available. So far there are only two season of the Anime (not surprisingly I have both) Sekirei & Sekirei: Pure Engagement. The show follows Minato Sahashi who after failing his college entrance exams for the second meets a girl called Musubi when she practically falls out of the sky and lands on him, from that moment his life changes but whether it's for the better or not is still to be seen. 

It is revealed that Musubi is a sekirei on the hunt for her Ashikabi. To reach their full potential (become stronger) a Sekirei requires an Ashikabi, when a sekirei gets near to the man or women that is meant to be their Ashikabi they tend to get hot and bothered (turned on/horny). A contract is made with the Ashikabi by kissing them which releases their full power and hypothetically their wings.
Musubi emerges
It's funny how exotic they make it.

It is stated that the more Sekirei's an Ashikabi has the more powerful the Ashikabi is, Minato has 6 Sekirei: Musubi, Kusano aka Ku, Matsu, Tsukiumi, Kazehana & Homura.
L-R: Musubi, Matsu, Homura,
Kazehana, Kusano & Tsukiumi 

 If you notice from the picture above each Sekirei has a number, there are 108 Sekirei's and they are taking part in what is called The Sekirei Plan in which each Sekirei must fight one another for their Ashikabi to *reach the higher skies above* there can only be one Sekirei that wins and that Sekirei can then be with their Ashikabi forever that does mean if the rules get fully followed Minato's Sekirei's will have to fight one another, when a Sekirei is defeated whether killed or not they lose their Sekirei symbol (first image on here) and are removed from both their Ashikabi and the Sekirei plan. Each Sekirei has a phrase known as a Norito that they say before using their main power Musubi's is: By the fists of the contract, my ashikabi's perils will be shattered! Each sekirei's norito is based on what type of sekirei they are Musubi is what she calls a fist type, she specialises in hand to hand combat, Homura is a fire type sekirei and his norito is: These are the flames of my pledge! Burn the karma of my ashikabi.

I love that in the Anime both opening and ending songs are sung by the main Sekirei's (Japanese cast) this is the first time I've seen that be done.

Opening 1
Ending 1

Opening 2
Ending 2

There is also a one off special ending when one of the well known sekirei's dies protecting her Ashikabi and Musubi, I've noticed many Anime's tend to have a special ending when one of its well known characters die.
Special ending 

Even though there are a lot of pervy scenes: whenever Musubi fights she seems to always lose her clothing. It is a really good Anime, it's been 5 years since the second season was released so I don't hold any hope for the anime to continue but I always have my fingers crossed that Minato & Musubi's journey continues on screen, if you haven't noticed Musubi is my favourite character and Sekirei.

See you soon! 

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