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Manga Madness: Nisekoi: False Love

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I'm rearranging some of my blogs this week and instead of Manga Madness being posted on a Thursday I've decided to do it today, I was also going to do a cosplay blog this week but thought I'd delay it for a later date as I want Friday's blog to be about Thursdays Girls Night.

Nisekoi is an ongoing manga in th UK there are 9 volumes available with volumes 10 and 11 due out soon, as you can see from the picture above I only have 5 volumes. It follows Ichijo Raku on his hunt to find the girl he made a promise to ten years earlier and the girl in question holds a key that unlocks the padlock chain he wears.
L-R Onodera, Ichijo & Kirisaki 

Through the manga you meet different characters, two of the characters you meet along with Ichijo is Onodera Kosaki and Kirisaki Chitoge. Ichijo is classmates with Onodera and has a crush on her and she also has a crush on Ichijo. Kirisaki is a new classmate and to stop the war between the Raku's and the Chitoge's both their fathers tell then they have to fake dating and being in love, as they date Ichijo starts to get real feelings for Kirisaki and it is revealed that both Onodera and Kirisaki hold keys that could unlock Ichijo'a pendant. As stated before this Manga is on going and more girls have been introduced as being the possible girl he made a promise to. 
L-R Kirisaki & Onodera 

L-R Ichijo, Kirisaki, Seishiro & Onodera 

L-R Seishiro, Ichijo & Kirisaki 

L-R Marika & Ichijo 

My favourite scene.

I'm not really full on into this Manga, I loved it when I started it but now there seems to be 20 girls he could have made the promise to (slight exaggeration on the 20) I think I may way for the manga to finish to continue reading it as it seems it could be a long one. I'm hoping he ends up with Onodera I totally love her and my jaw dropped on the last scene in volume 5 where she asks Ichijo if she can kiss him, I read on on my manga app and I was gutted (he was asleep) I love romance manga's but this one seems to be dragging it out, I hope that in no way my opinion affects your interest to read it as what I like may not mean you will so check it out and let me know what you think.

See you soon!

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