Tuesday, 26 May 2015

Shopping Splurge!

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

It's payday which can only mean one thing SHOPPING. I seem to feel the need to splurge when I've been paid, I'm still waiting on a few items from my last shopping post but hopefully they should arrive soon and sadly the EXO-K soaps I ordered are out of stock so they were removed from my order.
I'm trying to limit myself on my k-pop addiction as Girls Generation are meant to be having their Korean comeback the first week of June so I will be needing to buy their new album soon hopefully and I always go for the extremely limited edition versions.

I may have said I was trying to limit myself on k-pop but that doesn't mean I've really set myself an actual limit, my problem is I have too many CD'S in my saved list to purchase and have the feeling of needing them NOW! It doesn't help that I'm continously finding and getting into new artists.

well let's start this to begin with (it wasn't payday but it gets sent after) I pre ordered Shinee's new full album Odd (my shinee collection is slowly growing) it's already officially released but it looks like it comes in a slipcase with a clown mask on and I'm not a fan of clowns and a second version gets released this week, which annoyingly I've noticed the main CD case is a clown on this one, I love their new single and it sounds very different to the songs I love from them.
owned by SM Entertainment 
Shinee Vol.4 Odd
Version B

Next is another Shinee album but this time it's the first part of a previous album I bought called why so serious? (Full title is why so serious? : misconceptions of me) this album is called Dream Girl: Misconceptions of you. I've heard the Japanese version of Dream Girl and seen EXO use it as a mash up on their tour. I love the cover for yhe album too.
Dream girl
Owned by SM Entertainment 
Dream Girl: Misconceptions of you 

Now good old eBay, on eBay I didn't just get k-pop but it's where I felt I should stop spending online for today. I've just realised k-pop wise all my CD'S are Shinee related as they are two of the members solo albums.
Starting it off is Jonghyun I saw his teasers as SM was preparing his solo debut but I didn't really listen to his single, I got confused with what he had released but he has an amazing voice. I'm not sure as to which version I am getting so showing the picture shown by the seller.
Jonghyun Base
The first mini album

Next is Taemin who was the first to release a solo album, his title song Danger is an amazing song and reminds me of something Michael Jackson would release he even sounds like MJ in parts of the song.
Taemin Ace
The first mini album 

As you may have seen from a past post I'm a big Sailor Moon fan and when I saw this I couldn't resist it, I bought it before these but it's that amazing (to me) that I wanted to share it, it's a Sailor Moon Crystal Umbrella and it's a replica of the umbrella Usagi is seen with in the opening for the show.

Sailor Moon Crystal 
Usagi Umbrella 

Lastly was some tights, if I'm not wearing natural or black coloured tights they are animal tights (I love them) I already have Cat, Panda and Bambi tights and I thought my collection needed Rabbit tights. The picture will reveal their awesomeness.
Bunny Tail Tattoo Tights

Lastly for online shopping was another Sailor Moon item this time I'm jumping on the Selfie stick bandwagon it was another one of those items that I wanted it as soon as I saw it.
Sailor Moon selfie stick

I love and hate shopping, I get stressed too easy if it's busy which when me and Skye got to meadowhall it was slightly busy with the schools being closed for the week. 
Our shopping journey started with a much needed vanilla latte while on the train and it had to be large. I was also good and held back on some purchases that I could wait and spread through the month.
Costa all the way for me.

First store is the ultimate store that every book lover needs: Waterstones, I love Manga and without using the Internet Waterstones feeds my cravings for all things Titans, Exorcists, Demon Butlers and Soul Reapers but I fought with myself not to buy manga I need to read all the ones I have first.
I've been looking at this bad boy for over a year possibly more and I finally took the plunge and bought it, I love the gorgeous collectible books, so far I have two in my collection: Bram Stokers Dracula (Dracula has always interested me) and a collection of Edgar Allen Poe short stories and poems (thinking of The Raven has made me want to watch Tim Burton's Vincent my favourite short film). Where was I, I loved Alice in Wonderland growing up even though I never read the book I blame Disney, so I felt the need to buy this book, it's absolutely gorgeous and the page ends are gold. 
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & other stories
By Lewis Carroll 

My second Waterstones purchase was an Alice In Wonderland notebook, I can't decide whether to unwrap this and actually use it but I do feel the need to unrwap it and look inside it, it's also limited edition.
Alice's Adventures in Wonderland notebook

Next was good old HMV and a film that I wanted to see at the cinema but never got round to Big Hero 6 soon as I saw the teaser trailer for it I wanted to see it.
Big Hero 6 DVD

Last purchase was a Jack Skellington pop to go with the rest of my pop collection from menkind, one of my favourite films is The Nightmare Before Christmas, I live singing a long with the songs and I tend say the lines along with the characters.
Jack Skellington pop

Last stop before home time was Wagamamas, it has to be my favourite place for food apart from Yo Sushi! it's always money well spent and always great service, we also tried a new app that let's us pay via the app called Qkr saved the fuss if waiting for them to bring the bill and card machine etc.
first was mine and Andrew's favourite Pulled Pork Gyoza and we each had a Hirata steamed bun but in mine I had Korean barbecue beef.
Pulled Pork Gyoza 
Hirata steamed bun with Korean barbecue beef 

For my main I had Massaman Curry with boiled rice it was the first time I've tried it and I left my plate clear, it was so good.
Massaman Curry with boiled rice

Dessert was a new dessert for me as I've never had it and that too was really tasty, I had Sweet Onigiri which is coconut rice balls that have been deep fried and dusted with sugar with a passion fruit dipping sauce.
Sweet Onigiri 

To wash it all down I had a large fresh fruit juice and a cup of green tea.
Fruit juice
Green tea

Well that's they end of a well shopped out day, what shops do you tend to always go in?
See you soon! 

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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  1. That Alice book Harry got my years ago and it is the one hat started my collection