Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Past Weekend Antics

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

Sorry to say that this post will be rather short or maybe that's a good thing for you all. My weekend started at 3pm Friday afternoon when I finished work, it was started by collecting Skye from school and then dropping my brothers birthday cards and presents off at his house as he'd turned 37, wonder how he feels about the fact that when I hit 30 he'll be turning 40, wow scary to think that it's only 3 years away.
Every weekend we go and stay at Andrew's house which pretty much is a weekend of cleaning and laundry, not one of my best time uses. 
Saturday was the start of said chores as well as a quick shopping trip to get presents for my friend Liv's birthday and also a stop for a bite to eat at Wagamamas, not going to lie I pretty much sat listening to two Asian girls talking about things from K-pop to health care in their countries. I also made a start on the upcoming weeks blogs ready for them to be posted on their allotted days. I also started the second book in the newsflesh series by Mira Grant that I have been reading.
Book one
Book two

You can't go wrong any day of the week when you just sit with some music on and leaving the world of fact for a few hours of fiction (reading), I love being able to be pulled into a story and feeling like I know the characters I'm reading about even if it does mean that I shed a few tears. I also watched She's All That a film that I've not watched for years.
Sunday started with Coffee and getting ready to meet the crew for breakfast at Frankie & Bennies for Liv's birthday, I had my usual Eggs Royale, every Sunday should start this way. Then after it was a trip to the supermarket to get skye's Lunchbox essentials ready for the upcoming week. Then it was back to laundry, reading and catching up on a webseries called EXO Next Door.
Sorry to say my weekend was pretty dull in the way of antics, my weekends can be pretty dull so thinking of a something a can post about in replacement.
See you soon! 

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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