Friday, 15 May 2015

Naruto Shippuden Anime

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Welcome to my second part of the Naruto anime: Naruto Shippuden. Shippuden is is my favourite story of Naruto, and it starts after a time skip showing that Naruto is 2 years older than when he was when he left the village to train with jiraiya with a new outfit and a sense of maturity and knowledge that he has become stronger to retrieve Sasuke. His maturity comes in to question all the time. 

Shippuden's main storyline is the fight to stop an evil organisation called the Akatsuki whose main goal is to catch and use all the jinchuriki to bring the world to their control. Jinchuriki are people like naruto with a tailed beast sealed within them, the first part of shippuden is Naruto racing to save his friend Gaara. There's a lot of sadness in this story with known and loved characters dying. Also is the story of how Naruto's parents Minato and Kushina telling him the story of how they met and his birth, it's such a beautiful but sad story.

Shippuden is entering it's final stages now with it being into the third great Ninja War with all nations joining forces and bringing back faces from their pasts to fight.

Like Unleashed thers is some amazing opening and ending themes to the seasons a few of which I hsve on my phone.

Opening 1

Opening 3

Opening 4
Closer by Joe Inoue

Opening 9

Ending 6

Ending 7

Ending 9

Ending 12

I do not own any of these videos credit to all the owners.

Even though Shippuden is my favourite part of Naruto I still only have two complete boxsets of the show.

Box set 1
Box set 2

Well here's the end to another anime post, hope you all check it out, Naruto's story will always be with me and I'm part of the hidden leaf village permanently with my leaf village symbol tattoo.
See you soon!

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