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Manga Madness: Naruto

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10yrs readers got to spend with Naruto Uzumaki and it was only really the last 3yrs that I spent and got to know the hidden leaf ninja. Last year saw the end of an era when the Naruto story completed it's final Chapter and we got to see what so many fans wanted to see and I'm not ashamed to say that tears were shed in that final chapter.
I only own one Naruto manga (the first book) I read it all on my manga app but that doesn't mean I love the manga any less there's just too many single books to get but I am going to try and get then in the 3-in-1 books.

Let me take you back to the very beginning when you meet the troublemaker of the hidden leaf village UZUMAKI NARUTO. To me his story is a sad story and it often reverts to Naruto as a young child being ignored and often feared all for reasons he didn't know. Naruto was orphaned from birth his mother and father risked their lives to save him and the village, even though not till further into the series you get the idea that his father was the 4th Hokage (strongest in the village and the leader of the village), I pretty much guessed from the start that he was his dad they just look so alike.

Naruto trains to be a shinobi (ninja) for the hidden leaf and his main goal and dream is to one day become the strongest of the village and become the Hokage. His class are put into teams and Naruto becomes part of Team 7 along with Sasuke Uchiha and Sukura Haruno with Kakashi Hatake as their sensei (teacher), they go on missions together and Naruto always thinks he knows best but he always seems to have the power to make people believe in him and always comes away with new friends.

Naruto's battle is a long road and he never gives up znd always strives to do his best with him learning moves that no one else is able to do like one of his moves the Rasengen that only the 4th Hokage could master. Naruto loses many friends along his  journey and ends trying to bring Sasuke back to his team and family. 

There's something about Naruto that I have not yet revealed and the reason to why many people ignored, feared and even hated him. Back when he was born a monster known as a Kyubi was on a rampage destroying the leaf village and to stop this monster known as the nine-tailed fox needed to be sealed away, and so I bring you back to the 4th Hokage he sealed the nine-tails away inside Naruto making him a jinchuriki and so because of the death and devestation the nine-tails caused naruto was despised for that reason.

I really don't want to give to much away from the story but I think that's as much as I would like to reveal to give a guidline of what I think is an amazing Manga. Some fights in the story can be really long and seem that when you think it's coming to it's climax something else happens to lengthen it.

I was happy with how Naruto's creator ended his story BUT his story is far from over as now the story of the next generation is being told and I love how they have recreated Naruto's mischievous side in his ............................ you really want to know how it all ends for Naruto then read the manga and I will be surprised if your disappointed.

One if the things I loved when the latest Naruto came to an end was that another Manga that had been going as long as Naruto created a chapter title in Naruto's honour. One Piece placed symbols seen in Naruto for one the hidden leaf symbol (the O and on her dress), the Uzumaki symbol (back of the shirt at the bottom) and they are shown eating Ramen, Naruto's favourite.

Well that's all for now, I will be doing the Naruto Anime in two separate posts as the anime was split up into two: Naruto Unleashed and Naruto Shippuden.

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