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H.O.T.D: Highschool Of The Dead Anime

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Even though they may not be any nudity shown as with the manga post I feel the warning is needed as the DVD is rated 18. What can I tell you that I already didn't from the manga, it's pretty much the same storyline but with name a name change of a character I didn't mention yesterday. Let's recap Highschool of the dead follows 5 school students and the school nurse as they escape the start of the zombie apocalypse to go try and find their families and get them to safety. The anime may try to be serious with it's storyline but has the added extras of comedic value of bouncing noises from the school nurses breasts as she runs, the random unexpected perverted lines and also the extremely pervy up skirt and big boob shots, the main perverted scenes happen in episode six which was and wasn't expected. The original release was rated 15 which I thought was too low of a rating for the language and nude scenes, then it was re released with an extra episode (Ova) called drifters of the dead, with watching the new release I noticed the language was more frequent and seemed more pervy but the main reason the age was bumped up was because of the ova drifters of the dead. The only way I can describe this episode is it was basically Hentai, if you don't know what hentai is it's basically anime porn ( yes some strange people watch anime sex and yes even stranger people draw it and animate it). Btw yes I have both versions bit one is out on loan to a friend. I love how the case and DVD'S are set out and it's quire basic instead if being fancy.
Disc 1 
Disc 2 & drifters of the dead.
Remeber how I told you yesterday about Saeko Busujima getting a thrill from killing well here is the said anime scene.

Even though most would think it's really disturbing to like a show like this it has its funny moments and they seem more hilarious when those moments are pervy.

Sorry they're subbed.

Highschool Of The Dead also has an amazing opening song and different ending themes that I really like.
Opening song
even this is pervy.

Ending 1
Ending 7
Ending 8
Ending 10
There is a different ending song go every episode and they are all sung by the same singer: Maon Kurosaki.
I can't think of any other reasons to watch this Anime other than if you like Zombie stuff watch it! If you like big breasted anime girls watch it! If you like drawn on boob and butt sweat watch it! You know what JUST WATCH IT maybe you will be pleasantly surprised, I went in on this showing knowing nothing about it apart from seeing the opening song, think I've said before that I choose manga by their covers well anime if I like the opening I'll give it a shot I think this show is amazing, cosplay blog coming soon.
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