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Girls Generation: The First Asia Tour

An nyoung 
Ni hao 

IT'S K-POP MONDAY!! Hope you've all had a good bank holiday weekend. Today's post is back to Girls Generation and their first Asia Tour, I love watching their concert DVD'S as even though I'm not there I can feel the atmosphere and their chemistry on stage plus it's the only chance I will get to watch them perform.


The tour was 2009-2010 and kept their squeaky clean concept with minimal make up. The DVD comes in a silver, white and clear slipcase with the rest if the case being pink. The Whole concert is over 2 DVD'S which I've noticed SM does with a lot of their Asian DVD'S especially in Korea. The concert is just over 3hrs long.
Disc 1 
Disc 2
Disc 1, booklet & disc 2

I love how Girls Generation's concerts always start, they always having amazing opening videos introducing the group and each individual member, this is the only concert that doesn't have the members in the same order.

Nine Angels (opening movie)
Genie (remix)
Show! Show! Show
Girls Generation 
It's Fantastic
Ooh Lala!
Kissing You
One Year Later ft Onew of Shinee
Introduce Me A Good Person (Yoona solo ft LeeTeuk & Shindong of Super Junior)
Sunny (Sunny solo)
Umbrella (Tiffany solo)
Hush Hush; Hush Hush (TaeYeon solo)
Chocolate Love
Dear. Mom
Day By Day
My Child
Barbie Girl (Jessica solo ft Key of Shinee)
Santander Baby (SooYoung solo)
SeoHyun piano solo
Sixteen Going On Seventeen (SeoHyun solo)
Singin' In The Rain
Over The Rainbow
HyoYeon Dance Solo
1,2 Step (Yuri solo ft Amber of f(x)
Beautiful Girls Movie
Into The New World
Be Happy
Way To Go
Touch The sky
Neungmyun (cold noodles)
Hahaha Song
Baby Baby
Closing Announcement 

I love all their outfits on this tour and I love how their last few songs is always in something casual and they tend to wear their merchandise t-shirts. I also love their Setlist but as always some songs stand out more to me which I'd like to share a few with you.
Genie remix
Owned by SM Entertainment 
Sunny (Sunny solo)
owned by SM Entertainment 
Hush Hush; Hush Hush (TaeYeon solo) 
Owned by SM Entertainment 
Barbie Girl (Jessica solo ft Key of Shinee)
Owned by SM Entertainment 
Singin' In The Rain 
HyoYeon Dance Solo 
Owned by SM Entertainment

Touch The Sky 
owned by SM Entertainment 

Everything about the booklet is gorgeous too with it being full of pictures of the girls and their stage, I love the font that's been used for each members names.
Booklet (bottom)
First appearance on stage 

 Yoona - into the new world
 Jessica - nine angels
 Tiffany - show show show
 Yuri - kissing you
 TaeYeon - chocolate love
 SooYoung - baby baby
 Sunny - forever
 HyoYeon - it's fantastic
SeoHyun - beautiful girls

 Their stages are always amazing

The only fault I can ever give concert DVD'S from SM ENTERTAINMENT is that the only subtitles they use are Korean, Japanese and Chinese so when they're talking to the audience I have no idea what they are saying, the only ones I know are an nyoung which is hello and bye,  chingu which is friend, saranghae which is I love you and gamsahabnida which is thank you everything else goes over my head I am trying to learn though.

hoping to do a double post tomorrow as I missed Thursday and Friday last week.
See you soon! 

An nyoung 
Zai Jian 

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